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More here than meets the eye.
Of the world's 100 most powerful transnational corporations, the lion's share are western.
And you just gotta believe that their terminal wet dream is a billion-plus middle class in both
India and China consuming like Americans. Makes sense (from their point of view.)
The ah, "problems" with this plan don't seem to phase them, much.
That China has jumped gung-ho into making all the same mistakes the west has made over the
past couple of centuries, is probably a current tragedy, but it's a silly world, after all.
Japan still hates us for hating that they eat whales - but what of it?
(nobody ever asks the whales how they feel about it, it seems...)
And one may consider how left out sub-Saharan Africa feels these days, not being allowed into
that Great Globalist party - but the sad fact is that they're just too, um - volatile for western
exploitation. (They have to put up with World Bank debt instead.)

So we can all point fingers at each other and fume, um?
(where's a tank man when you really need him?)
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