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Oh I simply "love" this "no, it's not soccer, it's FOOTBALL" and "no, it's SOCCER, not football"-discussions.... well, not really, at all. What's there to discuss, really?! Get a hold of yourself. Hehe. Soccer is the american way to differentiate soccer with american football. Why? Because american football is like x-times more popular and bigger than soccer is. To americans, that is. However, when you go OUTSIDE america, not even that far, there is NO soccer, but FOOTBALL. Plain and simple. The same principle goes for Australia as well. I am european. I use football. Not soccer. Comprende?

But to answer the thread; YES, for some/many people, modern football is more and more feminine as the players tend to fall over like a fully sucked-out mosquito, but no, it's not a gay sport. It's a regular sport, much like base- and basketball is. However, you're entitled to reckon that the sport is gay in your opinion, but then again; is there any point in participating in such discussions as this one, or?

Oh, and for the fun of it; the commentators for football can be REALLY misunderstood, even by those who love football but take things with a nice humour! Here's an example: 2 commentators commentating. A defender is chasing the opposing player who has the ball at his feet. Comm #1: "The defender is chasing the attacker with a hungry look!" - The defender tries to tackle, but doesn't hit the ball, just the attacker. Comm #2 then shouts: "Oooh! That was a HARD one from behind! That looked painful! Will he survive from that?! He's still in pain from that attackers treatment." ... That was actually what the commentators said during one match not so long ago (a couple of weeks ago). I mean...what must people not into football think of that..? And there are many other examples as well.

So yeah, it is basically ALL up to one and each other to reckon whether football/soccer is gay or not. It's still world's biggest and most influential sport with so many supporters and players devoting their passion for the sport (although many players are mostly a part of it just for the money, but still...)
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