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Originally Posted by Scooby Bejesus View Post
I rarely get all my tracks right the first time around. Sometimes it seems like it's all in knowing when to bring a track in. And I don't memorize tracks well enough. I'll record and get bored listening to a transition and think "okay, that transition should have started 30 seconds or a minute earlier. (16 bars or 32 bars)" Did it sound bad the original way I did it? No, but the energy of the set as whole can be drastically altered by that kind of downtime. I'm still learning though. Of course, I always will be learning.
Yeah, the start time can often make or kill a mood of a mix. I've come across that issue in the past. But of course, if you want brutal trainwreck transitions... you should here me live on the radio playing metal and screwing up. Other times though, it can sound so frickin' sick.
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