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Electrosoul System - Voice of the moon
A-Negative - Beholder
Logistics - Fibreglass
Submorphics Ft. Christina Tamayo - All I need
Resonators - Sweet love affair (Cyantific remix)
Submorphics - Back to mine
Marcus Intalex - Virgo
Alaska - Moraine
Wenca - Space romance
High Contrast - Father, can't you see I'm burning?
Soul Intent - Hurt me
Fracus & Darwin - When you take my hand
N3gus - Kites
Mikal - Device
CLSM - I can see it
Cujo - Big bad bass

Hope you enjoy this month's selection, I am pleased with how it turned out. There's an odd CD jump in the Resonators mix, but it jumped in time so I left it there for fun!!!

As always, thanks for tuning in and hope your lives are better than mine!!!

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