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Okay, here goes... Rom was/is trying to make tomorrow a special day. I made a mix for it and got dub-stracter (who doesn't really DJ anymore) to make a mix, those who remember or are on facebook know we are producing together. It is gonna take time but I intend to take dnb back to it's roots. I struggle every month to not play the same tune, I'm running low on creative energy and financially am ****ed by the tsunami still. All that aside my love is dnb.

I hope you can tune in tomorrow and enjoy this crazy genre of music. My mix will be 11am EST (I think), Dub will be after. Please show support and enjoy. I hope Hans, FB and some othe DJs have put up mixes. Respect to all dnb DJs...

Thanks to Rom, sorry I'm not listening much anymore, my life is upside-down...

L&P from me to you all... DI =
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