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We have a great show planned for today. Hope you can stayed tuned in. Rishi's set is up in an hour. All original, all recorded live on abelotn. This guy rocks!

Jakob 'Rishi' (Denmark, Virus tekk rec ) is currently one of the biggest up and coming names on the Danish psytrance scene. The Danish producer shocks us with his clear production of full on power trance. The clean mixdowns cuts through like a knife and the high-lights are the ingredients and elements, creating a hard hitting and groovy enviroment.

Rishi played all over Denmark, and has rocked the dancefloors in Sweden, Netherlands and in Germany. Keywords are grooves, fat basslines, and enviroments with a mind of theire own. Through his dj'ing and Live sets he played with names as Gms, Ptx, Orion, Astral Projection, Talamasca, Lamat, Twisted reaction, Intersys, Hujaboy, Rastaliens, Braincell, Optokoppler, Reefer Decree, Neelix, Oblix Project, Perplex, Tulk, Prahlad, PsyOn, Ananda Shake and the list goes on.

Rishi started to release in 2005 on Virus Tekk Rec and has been featured on alot of VA's since then

Recent releases Include his 2 Ep Releases, 'Chrystal Clear' on Midijum Records and Shroom Service on Planet B.E.N Records. Which have received very good response from all over the world.


VA : Shades of Light 2005 (Rishi - Mind and matter )
VA : Shades of Sound 2007 ( Rob0tz - 5th of november )
VA : Generation of psytrance Vol 3, 2007 ( Mixed emotions vs Rishi - Lost in trancelation )
VA : Cosmic flower 2007 ( Rob0tz - Ur not alone )
Rishi - Chrystal Clear EP 2010
VA : Synergetic Theater 2010 ( Rishi - Itz a Rob0tz )
Rishi - Shroom Service EP 2011
VA : Pure Goa Trance & Psytrance Vol. 6 2011 ( Rishi - Chrystal Clear )
VA : Pure Goa Trance & Psytrance Vol. 7 2011 ( Rishi - King of mush )
VA : Goa Power 2011 ( Rishi - Itz a Rob0tz )
VA : Goa Psytrance Vol. 8 2011 ( Rishi - Alot of nothing )
VA : Goa Psytrance Vol. 9 2011 ( Rishi - Shroom Service )
VA : Goa Tunes Vol. 16 2011 ( Rishi - King of Mush )
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