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yeh for me, i normally like a song at first sound and get it. But songs can get old if you lsiten to them a ton, but there are still a few with me that I can listen to everyday and itll never get old

Also, at the moment, im re-recording all of my vinyl in 320 kbps instead of 128 kbps (why did i do that hehe) like i did when started collecting. I've noticed, some records I have I don't like so much anymore, but am finding some b-side songs that i do like now too. For the most part though, like 95% of the songs I still love, just a few are old, and a few are better sounding now that I didn't like before hehe.

To the original posters point though too, I think having a varied genre selection in the long run can be good, and also can help you make some interesting sets!
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