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Default Lost Ambition

I can no longer feel any ambition inside of me. There was so much I wanted to do, but now I do not feel like I am capable of doing it. It's weird. I just started feeling like this a few days ago... a few days before I was finished with work.

I wanted to get into computer science and engineering. I wanted to design this program I had in my mind. I then wanted to implement it into a robot. I wanted to work with technology... I wanted to make something of myself!

Before that, I wanted to be a game designer. But as I got better with programming and science I started to see it as an impractical (underpaid) career option. So I decided to do it as a pastime if I could make time for it. (In addition to writing)

But now... I no longer for any desire to do anything. I can't study. I no longer have to work for a few months. My friend's don't like talking to me anymore- they got used to me not being around I guess. So I am all by myself and I have no initiative to do anything. I used to have this will burning inside of me, but I cannot feel it anymore.

What should I do to alleviate this?

The only thing I can find the energy to do is watch movies and play video games...
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