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Default Re: Tag Team Tribute!

Originally posted by Dylan the Braver
Best of all worlds - I'd like to hear a Comet-Myers Scott Brown Tag Team Tribute mix. It'd be awesome, as you two are some of my favorite hardcore djs, and Scott Brown's definitely good stuff.

Come on! Make it happen (sure it's wishful thinking on my part, especially 'cause of that whole other side of the world thing... still though...)
Believe me, if Comet lived here in the UK or I lived in the US then id defo team up with him to do a set. It'd be quality. But until the day I have more money than sence comes along I doubt itl be able to happen. Itd cost far too much to get over to the US n the same for comet to get here to the UK.

But defo a good thort and a nice comment to make! Respect
DJ Andy Myers..... I'll be back with new mixes soon!!

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