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  1. Turntable question
  2. Best way to unwarp records?
  3. What does a DJ actually do?
  4. The Night A DJ Saved My Life
  5. Needle doesn't always stay in groove...
  6. stupid DJ mistakes
  7. Vinyl or CD??(kinda long)
  8. Stanton STR8-80: Help?
  9. Vinyl cleaning
  10. Dumb Question
  11. Vinyl Cutter soon availiable to all ?
  12. for all the djs and groupies
  13. DJ, Freaks, and Fans FAQ
  14. how to be a dj ho:) LOL
  15. Cant' DECIDE. TTs or CDDJ!!! ARGH!!
  16. DJs: review your own equipment...
  17. Q: Tutorials for software-based mixing?
  18. Scratch CDs with your Turntables
  19. Hamster Control
  20. What are you using?
  21. Wow And Flutter????
  22. Mixer Choices
  23. Direct-Drive vs. Belt Drive Turntables?
  24. Expensive Hobbies (Or are Techs really that expensive?)
  25. Dreams of DJing
  26. NOT Pros/Cons, but WHY do YOU use Vinyl/CD. What are YOUR reasons.
  27. Counterweight Question....
  28. How do you get a gig?
  29. Volume Question
  30. what do U personally look for in a mix inorder to say its amazing.....
  31. Battle Style vs. Regular Style
  32. Trance DJ's, your fader work in the mix
  33. MIXER question
  34. A Table for Turntables!
  35. Technics have some REAL competition at last
  36. Tinrib Recordings - No More?????
  37. White Label?
  38. choosing a music style as a dj
  39. got my TURNTABLE SETUP!!! now i need help :-\
  40. How much djs make ?
  41. Vinyl isnt going anywhere right?
  42. wat age is it appropriate to dj?
  43. How much difference can a needle make?
  44. Scratch Needle?
  45. intermediate mixing techniques?
  46. Speakers, Amps, Monitors ETC.
  47. question about mc'ing
  48. Wow and Flutter my problem?
  49. Online Record Stores
  50. Taking Care of Vinyl : Your Tips
  51. my dj comic...
  52. another dj comic for ya
  53. Final Scratch: DJ Feedback
  54. DJ Comic #3 !!!
  55. DJ Comic #4 (also for trance listeners)
  56. phono or line?
  57. demo (tips and tricks)
  58. Artist vs. Artist?
  59. DJ Comic #6 ! New!
  60. I busted out DJ Comic #7 for ya, early too!
  61. A n00b's view: Why DJing seems so damn cool
  62. DJ Comic #8 is FINALLY here! :D
  63. Problems while playing for people. . .
  64. So I want to be a dj, what should I use, what should I do
  65. Neeewww DJ Comic! : D
  66. experience with scratch mixers?
  67. Finally, new DJ COMIC #11!
  68. A list of hardware needed to DJ?
  69. what exactly is a DJ's role in the music?
  70. Scratching: What is it and how do ya do it?
  71. That hissing noise....
  72. scratching using the phono/line switch?
  73. Questions about DJs & DJin'
  74. Protecting Your Hearing
  75. I've been thinking of using a drum machine in my sets. Anyone ever done this?
  76. sliding vs. rotary faders.
  77. You know you're a DJ when...
  78. newbie question...grounding.
  79. DJ Comic 12 is out
  80. Pioneer Introduces DVD Mixing
  81. what is the best thing to use to clean the records?
  82. scratch 101...
  83. Discovering Vinyl
  84. First 'Real' Gig
  85. This guy pisses me off
  86. Dj Table (not turntable)
  87. James Zabiela - CDJ Scratch Tutorial (Doin' Mad Stuff)
  88. Easy Mixer Questions for those in the know:
  89. 33RPM and 45 RPM Side A versus B
  90. Good Transitions are harder than they seem...
  91. lack of bass to beat match issue
  92. Pioneer HDJ1000 vs Technics RP-DJ1200 review
  93. To all the turntablists..
  94. audiophile needles.
  95. So you're an analog DJ?
  96. fake sony mdr v700s ?
  97. REVIEW: Pedestrian Tutoritool
  98. Serato vs FS Q.
  99. Multi-track burning from a single .wav file..?
  100. what's the latest tech for DJ equip.. update me. thx
  101. Techno Music Making Article on CNET News.com
  102. Digital DJ'ing/Music Production starter
  103. Can a "scratch" mixer be a detriment to learning?
  104. Vinyl on MP3?
  105. how do you keep your records?
  106. Cartridge & Needles recomendations
  107. DJ technique question
  108. Technics RPDH-1200 vs. Pioneer HDJ1000 - COMFORT!
  109. Recording Software
  110. What mixer do you use?
  111. Tips on scratching
  112. DI jingle/mix
  113. Laptop DJ?
  114. Denon DNS-5000
  115. Beginning as DJ
  116. question for the digital djs
  117. Mixing Progs
  118. How about this setup
  119. How Do I set up VIRTUAL DJ
  120. Loading from a computer
  121. Acid 5 or Adobe Audition v2
  122. Would you do it?
  123. Stanton Str8-80's & Vestax PMC-170A
  124. Uploading Mixes
  125. kick or not?
  126. Sets
  127. How do you find songs you like besides listening to DI?
  128. Pioneer or Denon?
  129. Volume Levels
  130. Nervous.
  131. beginner DJ equipment
  132. newbie
  133. Possible to become a Comptuer Dj?
  134. MIDI Control Interface for PC DJ'ing
  135. New Pioneers CDJ-1000 MK3 + CDJ-800 MK2
  136. Laptop/desktop DJ Update
  137. What mixer would you choose? Pioneer DJM-800 VS Allen & Heath Xone 92
  138. Plain and Simple
  139. Stanton M.303 Mixer. Help!
  140. Does this exist and is it affordable?
  141. Record CD to vinyl?
  142. Pics of your setup 2006 edition
  143. Best Mac software for recording a mix
  144. Demo tracklist
  145. Starting out as CDJ
  146. Wanna Be
  147. Soundforge Volume
  148. Who Makes The Best Headphones?
  149. Hardware
  150. Harmonic Mixing: Good sources
  151. At a crossroads!
  152. MP3/WAV ect & playing out (in a club)
  153. Virtual DJ?
  154. Random shuffle on a Denon DN-S1000
  155. EQing
  156. What equipment is being used here?
  157. Free Version Of Mixed In Key (Harmonic Mixing Program)
  158. Any softwares for mixing?
  159. Prom Season
  160. Some advice needed :)
  161. Unfindable Tone Arm Weight?
  162. Numark's upgrade to the iDJ...
  163. Hybrid turntable/CD player...
  164. Longest DJ set you have done?
  165. Ear Plugs Own
  166. Looking for a new turntable/Cartridge (Reccomendations Please)
  167. What causes the pop/crackle In vinyl?
  168. Who makes the best coffins?
  169. US: Stores and Charts
  170. Touring...
  171. looking for a sound card
  172. Free upgrade to Mixed In Key (1.2) with Ableton support!
  173. Hello, new here with a question or two
  174. what's wrong with my turntable?
  175. FS - My setup
  176. If anyone needs a soundcard for thier PC...
  177. Hardcore Tune IDs
  178. Back to DJ'ing
  179. Help a newbie out
  180. Question about event promotion and club agreements
  181. Cleaning you vinyl
  182. HELP - Question
  183. Hello from south wales!
  184. Hello from south wales!
  185. Newbie to it all
  186. Problems with tempo fluctuations
  187. How long does a vinyl last?
  188. The first day of the rest of you life (DJ's)
  189. Want to promote your work over the air waves in Ireland?
  190. Any Idea's ?
  191. denon dnx100
  192. Vibration Reduction
  193. Car+internet radio????
  194. starting dj looking for advice
  195. Idea of how to help new dj's!
  196. My first gig
  197. I found Something Kind Of Neat
  198. My first recording what you guys think?
  199. Is it possible to hook a DJM-600 up to Albeton Live 5.2 as a controller?
  200. Which one is better?
  201. DIGITAL: does it have a future?
  202. DjDeals.com: anyone order from them?
  203. 90`s hardcore/gabber mix
  205. Starting Out
  206. Cdj or turntables
  207. Where's Doboy?
  208. Will this be good thing to start with?
  209. Harmonic Mixing
  210. new to this
  211. To use or not to use EQ and/or Crossover with dj equipment I already have?
  212. Final Scratch Hate and Other Nonsense
  213. i need help
  214. Cost of vinyl where you live?
  215. using 3 turntables for mixing?
  216. Online Download stores (possible sticky?)
  217. help laptop djing plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  218. New Mix - Timeless Tranquility
  219. How long will vinyl survive?
  220. program for breaking mp3s down to mix?
  221. Finding the key in MP3's
  222. Editing??
  223. Comparison
  224. Need advice on DJ equipement
  225. Traktor DJ Studio - Listen to a silent Deck
  226. Another "Help, I'm getting into the DJ field"
  227. Converted !!
  228. Got beatmatching down... how do I mix?
  229. a twist on the usual newb thread
  230. Need info on a DJ stand/table!!!
  231. Crossfader vs. Upfader!!
  232. Technics SL-QD33
  233. dn-x500 or something around the price?
  234. djlist.com help
  235. Final Scratch or Serato Scratch?
  236. Getting My Keyboard Setup With Fruity Loops
  237. PIONEER DJM-3000
  238. Im a total n00b, but at least im getting somewhere
  239. Numark CDN 88, 90, 95 Dual CD Players
  240. Advice for first time buyer
  241. Inspiration for your music.
  242. Any major difference in the Technics 1200MK2's and the 1210MK5's?
  243. Hi im nOob need tipz for Fruity loopz
  244. Arctyk - The Source of Sound
  245. CD decks, scratch or no scratch?
  246. Musiiiiic
  247. Numark CM200 19" Rackmount Mixer
  248. what do you think? are these deals?
  249. I Want to get some good DJ gear for a beginner...help?
  250. Cutting out the vocals?
  251. Too good to be true ?
  252. 10 tips for beginner DJs
  253. Pioneer SVJ-DL01
  254. Co-Op mix
  255. My new trance mix now can download,please give advise
  256. Sony MDR V700DJ, Technics RP-DH1200, Pioneer HDJ-1000 or Stanton DJ Pro 3000?
  257. DJM-800 RV Kit installed. Pics!
  258. sound forge 8.0
  259. Mixed In Key for "Mac OS X" is released!
  260. How do i connect my stereo to my pc?
  261. How do you pick your tunes?
  262. is this a good setup for DJ'ing??
  263. Using Computer speakers
  264. Vinyl records
  265. How to isolate vocals from a track
  266. Just Ordered some Technics RPDH1200
  267. eBay posts....scam or not?
  268. What Makes A Good Song?
  269. Needle Help
  270. Hercules MK2
  271. shure headphones?
  272. Tonearm settings to scratch on 1200's
  273. cueing your records?
  274. Making tracks w/ drastically differing tempos work
  275. Repairing Headphones...
  276. how to mix with ableton?
  277. To all the DJ forum advisors
  278. Graphics EQ
  279. Mixer guts?
  280. DJ Names
  281. djing out/producing trance-where 2 go?
  282. goldwave sound recording help plz
  283. question about mixing
  284. club/bedroom mixing
  285. Denon DN-S1000
  286. Numark TTX vs. Stanton 120
  287. Needle skipping
  288. Would it be tacky?
  289. Ortofon stylus advice
  290. Help please??
  291. program help...
  292. Pitch Control
  293. License to DJ?
  294. The IDJ
  295. What you think about this matering job?
  296. programs to take out vocals in a song?
  297. DJ'ING AT CLUBS!!!!!!
  298. Do you preapare your sets?
  299. Vestax VMC-004
  300. A Good Cheap Mixer?
  301. hi
  302. The 3500
  303. Right, so would you go for these?
  304. Wonderin' how Tiesto did some scratchin' at TIC II
  305. Are these fakes?
  306. Mixing styles
  307. A New Start to DJ'ing
  308. Figured I may get more help here--How do I create a link to play music on my webpage?
  309. Got a new mixer!! say bye bye xone 92!!
  310. CD Cover Designer
  311. Getting a fame
  312. Help with my 3500
  313. How do you, start?
  314. best headphones?
  315. Final Scratch or Serato Scratch?
  316. Basic Questions
  317. I would probably enjoy being a DJ.....
  318. DI'S official dj competition!!
  319. Laptop Help
  320. Good VST Plug-ins
  321. How long have you been mixing for??
  322. My little DJ dilemma.... your thoughts?
  323. sending a list of song !!!
  324. The pitch reacts slow...
  325. speakers and midi ques
  326. Which Decks To Buy?
  328. DJ Mag writes a glowing review of Mixed In Key! 4.5 out of 5 stars
  329. speaker feedback
  330. Effects box
  331. Uh Oh, Somebody got some new toys.....
  332. Best place to buy mash-ups?
  333. what's the best free BPM Counter for PC?
  334. Problem with sony acid 6.0, should I go with mixmeister?
  335. Question...
  336. Searching for DJ name and set name
  337. DJ Software
  338. Technics SL-8
  339. Do you have to have speakers?
  340. Speaker Help
  341. Article - Embracing the Digital DJ Era, John Flemming's Viewpoint
  342. whats best?
  343. club residency
  344. technics 1200 m3d
  345. Audio problem...
  346. Stanton T80s?
  347. scratching
  348. few nebie question
  349. Being an opening DJ...
  350. need help in hip-hop genre
  351. How Do I get a 6 beat ??
  352. Help with AMP buying - Gem Sound
  353. beatmatching and getting a gig
  354. Faderfox DJ1 Controller
  355. question about needles& mixers
  356. Whats a good computer program to start trying DJin?
  357. goldwave recording volume help please
  358. If lucky, I can get my first gig In a club!
  359. Hate asking these stupid questions but..
  360. 1210s or cdjs??
  361. New Guy **also questions about solarforce everest**
  362. What should i do for live sound
  363. how to identify genre?
  364. DENON DNS1000 or PIONEER CDJ-200???
  365. Can't Find Song on DI.FM + Other Good Mp3 Sites
  366. Requesting DJ feedback
  367. Question about Beatmatching
  368. how do u keep up to date with all the music?
  369. Possibly buying new DJ Gear
  370. Something that definately needs to be shown here...
  371. Burning CD's
  372. I'm ready for some steps...
  373. beatmatching
  374. PC Mixing / Midi Desks
  375. Some harmonic mixing questions
  376. If your thinking of buying from DjDeals.com . . . .
  377. mixing equipment
  378. Hi Radio DJ who needs some music
  379. getting established
  380. EBAY LOTS - Good or Crap?
  381. Stanton 505sk vs. Stanton 520sk
  382. needles that are easy one the groove
  383. Where to host a mix for downloading?
  384. Gear suggestions for a casual digital DJ?
  385. Playing live
  386. neone know what fatboyslim uses to dj?
  387. Sound Cards
  388. Music programs...
  389. Butter Rugs
  390. Blown Speakers?
  391. A new mix in the making
  392. The wedding DJ
  393. question on speakers
  394. building a custom dj booth
  395. dj set up opinion thoughts please
  396. Making an intro
  397. How to make music?
  398. ECLER releases new club mixer, the AC-6
  399. Mixing at 16...but
  400. cheap mixer suggestions?
  401. Mixers
  402. Pioneer CMX-3000
  403. can the quality of an mp3 be changed after its recordeD?
  404. Sup Guyz!
  405. Question concerning Copyright
  406. A good...
  407. GEMINI iCDJ?
  408. DI.fm'ers need your help...
  409. Where do you buy used equipment?
  410. If anyone is looking for some nice DJ stands
  411. My Audiomidi.com review of the DJM-800
  412. To anyone interested in starting DJing...
  413. CDJ 200s
  414. Top Prices - Mixers, tables etc
  415. DJM-400. Worth getting w/ vinyl decks?
  416. uploading a mix cd
  417. Amp. Recommendation
  418. favorite old school tracks
  419. Proper set up for club DJ booth....serious inquiry
  420. Pioneer CDJs -- What's the difference between the 800s and 1000s
  421. I need help!!
  422. Dj-Sex - Electro Junk (Comment Please)
  423. Denon DN-S1000
  424. Download this!!!
  425. starter tables
  426. Ecler NUO 2 vs. Numark DXM pro
  427. technics DZ1200
  428. using used dj gear is it proper to use when your good
  429. Ecler Nuo 3 vs Rane Emath
  430. Software help
  431. Acid pro questions
  432. How best to get into digital
  433. Feena MIDI Controller?
  434. American Audio cdi-500
  435. Starter CD DJ's
  436. Just got a laptop...wanna use it to DJ
  437. an idea to benefit us all...
  438. DJing - Life ojr a Hobby?
  439. want the best, king of Headphones
  440. Want to become a live DJ
  441. Aspiring trance DJ with..second thoughts? also a question on mixing properly
  442. DJ Software pissing me off!
  443. New to DJing
  444. playing with pioneer cdj-1000 mk3
  445. bass switch and more eqing
  446. Any thoughts on spinning/mixng psy?
  447. Numark DXM Mixers
  448. Mixing song question
  449. Numark TTUSB
  450. Your thoughts on DJM 500?
  451. Gemini CDT-05 Hybrid Deck
  452. wanted info on denon and downloads
  453. Starting Djing
  454. VST Plug-ins for FL?
  455. cdj 800
  456. Does anyone knows about...
  457. Is it possible to treat Djing as an Art?
  458. your thoughts on this CDJ package.
  459. to owners of pioneer djm-400 with pioneer 800 mk2
  460. Best mix software?
  461. cdj 800's with behringer DJX700?
  462. final dj system
  463. Friday, DI Progressive Chanel, Austin Scott's Eclipsed, Guest DJ Mix, Be There!!!
  464. Sound Forge 8.0 help?
  465. A beginning DJ
  466. cd dj coffin cases
  467. need help on technics vs pioneer
  468. How much will it cost to get started?
  469. Broken HDJ-1000
  470. Maxi-Patch
  471. counting beats
  472. Mixing program for newbies
  473. Connecting Mixers to Computers
  474. what r you usin...
  475. Can CDJ-200's play .wav files burned onto a CD as data?
  476. How to be a laptop DJ?
  477. cueing problem
  478. More equipment?
  479. Technics SL-1200 maintenance?
  480. paul van dyk at lush equipment
  481. Unwarping a vinyl
  482. Computer DJing for less than $1000?
  483. Questions
  484. Best recording software for Mac?
  485. Listening to the Beatmatch?
  486. Brand new HARD STEP - DRUM AND BASS SET
  487. I got an offer. Would you do this?
  488. Denons DNS-3500. Very good deal. (no ebay)
  489. is it really worth it mixing?
  490. How much is too much?
  491. Need pictures of Technics RP-DH1200's
  492. vocal remover?
  493. Turntable cases sizes
  494. Would you by 12yr old Technics off ebay
  495. Amirn van Burren choice of dj mixer
  496. fitting the Pioneer djm-400 in a cd coffin case
  497. new cd coffin question
  498. cleaning your whole dj set up
  499. Beware of the Forum Police
  500. Monitor Speakers