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  1. Looking for DJs
  2. Mix help request (overlapping two tracks)
  3. Starting out
  4. really weird issue here.... HELP!!
  5. Songs slightly off beat every few bars, then back on beat
  6. What is Armin's pitch range when mixing for ASOT radio show?
  7. Learning to Scratch
  8. Suggestions to expand my track selection
  9. starting out big
  10. buying new mixer. need your advice
  11. I need to find a song
  12. Please recommend a sound card to me...
  13. Mixing: Which notes songs to pick !
  14. "No more rock music..." vocal sample
  15. To those who use CD-DJ's
  16. Production techniques for a recorded Vinyl mix (FL Studio)
  17. Anyone tried Mixxx?
  18. Bad at hardware
  19. Best software for live mixing
  20. buying tunes
  21. Using two different CDJ/cd players to dj
  22. Getting Started
  23. Traktor EQ differences
  24. Please help me with details. I want to learn DJing
  25. Is this a scam??
  26. Pioneer DDJ-SX controller
  27. How to make a DJ intro?
  28. Looking for some advice on an opening set
  29. K0nem0 - Hello guys! :D
  30. Question on "Creative Commons licence"
  31. First controller for practising?
  32. Help Pls - Pioneer DDJ Headphone Issue
  33. traktor s4 issue
  34. Ditching CDs
  35. Cable info
  36. advance computer help
  37. Hercules 4-MX or Numark N4?
  38. Spotify Meets Beatport - Looking for Beta Testers
  39. PLaces to buy music
  40. Recording Mix Sets
  41. Question about pro DJ equipment
  42. E-mail contact to send a Set
  43. Trying to learn how to dj, any advice?
  44. Vinyl skipping problems: setup for scratching
  45. Introduction
  46. Just a question
  47. MIXXX open source digital DJing software
  48. need help please with djing thanks
  49. what kind of software similiar with Mixed In Key?
  50. Total Wokal - 6
  51. New at dj'ing. help
  52. Ive got 3 days left for this one. closes on the 11th
  53. Which KBPS sound quality should DJs be using?
  54. Solutions for my existing setup?
  55. Through the Forest - looking for trance remixes! (Download stems & MIDI)
  56. Pioneer CDJ 200 Vs CDJ 800 MKI
  57. Whats the longest consecutive hours you've played?
  58. How do you select songs for your collection?
  59. Ableton + Loops + Midi Controllers + VSTi's for Live Techno
  60. First gig dj setup enquiry?
  61. Moby - Bodyrock (Acapella)
  62. Traktor S4 NOOB
  63. The art of the opening DJ...
  64. Djm 900 flight case / coffin
  65. In Search of SoCal DJs and opinion of gear.
  66. rane sereto and tracktor
  67. Simple way to make a vocal house/trance track out of a pop song?
  68. Hello to you all!
  69. Can the A&H XONE:1D jog wheel be used to scratch in Traktor?
  70. what motivates you?
  71. Software/Soundcard Advice
  72. Goa/Psytrance transitioning
  73. ATTN "DJs" - SLOW DOWN!
  74. Need help with: Go From Computer DJ to Hardwear!
  75. GoAlive Live Dj Set @ Underground Psy Attack 23.12.11 *Goa Trance
  76. A few questions from an absolute noob.
  77. Is this OK?
  78. Need help with DJ/Producer name
  79. Wondering what DJ/produciton set up I should use
  80. Technics RP-DH1200 Headphones.
  81. Wanting to start up (:
  82. What do DJ's do in their "downtime" and how much do they have?
  83. Origins ... from yesterday to today.
  84. Numark NS7FX for beginner
  85. help with denon dp-dj151
  86. One more noob :)
  87. Serato Itch: Hardware Mapping?
  88. WTS New Pioneer DDJ-Ergo-V DJ Controller
  89. House Parties - B-52 matrix or B215's or USED Peavy SP5s
  90. Looking for a good 3 band EQ plugin
  91. Advice Needed
  92. Cansın Mutlu - Experience The Drums Overdrive 18.09.2011 (Power Tribal)
  93. update on dj makena
  94. Question for DJ's; Opinions welcomed!
  95. Total Wokal - 5
  96. Pressure Pads
  97. New beginner...what to look for in equipment
  98. ::Digital DJing w/ Traktor Pro 2: New ONLINE Courses by DJ Shiftee & DJ Endo!::
  99. Mixing ambient/downtempo...
  100. Nation's singers needs to be less rude to its DJ's
  101. EQ?
  102. Anyone trying to use an iPad in their DJ rig
  103. The Harmonic Mixing Wheel
  104. Recommend Speakers for $500? What amp for used B1520's?
  105. **Attention all club DJ's!**
  106. technic sl-1200 mk2 pitch is off
  107. What is the best and quickest way to start dj career?
  108. newcomer
  109. The begginerest of begginers
  110. Hard Dance Actually
  111. Ableton with Traktor for DJinG
  112. Allen & Heath Xone 4D
  113. Setting up pioneer deck / mixers to work with traktor
  114. In need of guidance
  115. DJ set dictated by the viewers idea!
  116. What happened to the art of Djing?
  117. Reliable Dual CD Deck for $200 to $300 max?
  118. Old 80s DJ making Comeback
  119. How to upload mix?
  120. Anyone in SoCal want to be part of....
  121. Multi purpose headphones?
  122. whats a good speaker
  123. Pioneer 350 vs Numark NDX800! advice needed
  124. Totally new, probably a dumb question
  125. Newbie question: Mixing and Copyright
  126. Recommendation ?
  127. New to the scene! CDJ-350s vs. 400s??? Need Advice!
  128. Looking for free recording software for my DJ Sets
  129. DJ Stands?
  130. Turntablist returning to the DJ booth
  131. software/software controller
  132. Vestax PMC-07 PRO vs. PMC-05 Pro II
  133. A quick questionnaire for DI's DJ's...
  134. Static from right speaker?
  135. New Serato & Traktor controllers from Pioneer...
  136. Why is no one using MIXXX?
  137. Post Your DJ Gear Pics (2011 Edition)
  138. Questions about Beatmatching
  139. Full Rider Remix Contest: Win $5,000
  140. Need CHEAP Speakers to go with Typhoon
  141. Usb Midi Controllers Vs. Pioneer Cdj's As midi Controller
  142. starting digital!
  143. latency issues
  144. Do you create setlists for live gigs?
  145. ION Discover DJ
  146. Mix into your DI.FM stream
  147. This beginner needs your help!
  148. pioneer cdj400 new purchase what do i need
  149. Technics compatability
  150. Bedroom Set Up Speakers (+Amp?) Under $450
  151. sequencing/looping ?s
  152. The cheapest option is not always the best option..
  153. where do we put our mixes on this site?
  154. good ways to share my mixes???
  155. importanting a wma file to mp3
  156. traktor dj
  157. Deciding on a set up
  158. Not another one...
  159. i'm not made of money!!
  160. Help choosing speakers
  161. Help
  162. dj set for the bedroom
  163. Cheapest (used?) 2 channel mixer with low and high pass filter
  164. Suitable pad controller to add to my setup?
  165. traktor issue with tables quick fix?
  166. Mixed In Key + Ableton, Serato, Allen & Heath DJ Contest
  167. Out with the desktop and in with a laptop
  168. Renting DJ gear
  169. Need to be comfortable on pioneer jog wheels for clubs, whats the best model?
  170. replacing audacity
  171. DJ'ing Versus Creating Original Mixes/Tracks
  172. CDJ 1000 MK3 or CDJ 900?
  173. Things have gone full circle for me
  174. Have you seen the Allen & Heath Xone:DB4?
  175. Personal stamps on new mix
  176. Making promo CDs for an industry event (BPM Birmingham) - Advice needed.
  177. Denon DN-S3700 Anyone?
  178. Need to Decide on a Controller. Mixdeck? S4? DX?
  179. New DJ Question
  180. FX and such.
  181. DJing top 40 at highschool parties using a controller and laptop after 6 months?
  182. Having Aspirations To Start DJ'ing
  183. Thinking of starting... Traktor Kontrol S4?
  184. Uh Oh, I now want to start djing...
  185. Which site gives the most $ to artists when u buy their tracks?
  186. Getting Gear for Live Laptop Performance
  187. records are too quiet
  188. USB Audio Card?
  189. Serato vs Traktor Pro
  190. Dream Trance?
  191. I want to play for DI where should I start?
  192. pioneer cdj-200
  193. Citronic question ?
  194. Samplers / Processors
  195. Traktor DJ Studio sound problem
  196. midi or cd
  197. Stanton c.324 help
  198. Live broadcasts - help with mic setup
  199. EDM
  200. Jog Wheel
  201. New Traktor controller
  202. Want to start DJing
  203. sound only coming out of one side...
  204. Traktor Serial Number...
  205. Virtual DJ
  206. Traktor sound problem
  207. Adding 2 phono on the Xone 42
  208. Recommendations for table recording via desktop.
  209. Want To Be A DJ? this is how to get started...
  210. what should i learn first?
  211. i mix reloaded
  212. BACK SPIN
  213. Best places to beef up my music library?
  214. Noob needing help =p. If you don't like it don't click.
  215. Need help with Behringer crossover
  216. Fried KORG KM-402...possible fix?
  217. Sonar 8 help
  218. Quiet Turntables.
  219. Audio problem with Traktor
  220. How old is the average DJ?
  221. 1210 mk2 start problems
  222. Do Any Djs Here Use Online Mp3 Dj Pools?
  223. technics SL 1200 problem
  224. Recording problems
  225. Xponent The One to go for?
  226. What should be my next step?
  227. RMX v Xponent
  228. Looking for dedicated NJ local EDM DJs
  229. audacity 1.38 beta help please
  230. Need a new mixer
  231. Dark Electro/House Lover - New to DJing, a Few Qs
  232. An absolute beginner needing Help
  233. Start out DJ
  234. Beginner Finding music - good songs or good tracks?
  235. coputer dj
  236. question about audio 8 dj + speakers
  237. Black Box
  238. TT arms
  239. micro
  240. We Love Freshblood DJ Competition
  241. Starting off/ need suggestions
  242. 1200 first-aid!
  243. new dj
  244. Quick vinyl restoring question
  245. NEw guy needs help I have a set already
  246. New Dj Set up Please help!!!
  247. yet another traktor thread (dont hate)
  248. Korg Kaoss pad
  249. I wanna hit the decks.. ;D
  250. Hercules Rmx vs Steel
  251. numark M1USB
  252. Transitions between songs.
  253. Rane ttm56s vs Pioneer djm 800..
  254. What grade of headphones do you use?
  255. always need another opinion
  256. Rate my mix and I'll rate yours, too!
  257. Wanna start dj'ing bad (need help)picking out a dj set
  258. Quick question about Traktor scratch pro.
  259. How do you freshen up tracks?
  260. What are some good DJ SPEAKERS?
  261. Hip-hop on Cdj's?
  262. Quick question about connecting speakers to a DJM400 Mixer
  263. how to fix vinayls
  264. Mackie SRM450s for Studio?
  265. The Legality of Free Mixes
  266. traktor 3 issues please help me
  267. BCD300+Traktor 3L3+Vista help
  268. Post Your DJ Gear (2010 Edition)
  269. Help with dj'ing
  270. begginer dj needs help
  271. Help with new mixer!
  272. CDJ-200 eject issue
  273. Audio Interface For Laptop DJ - Please Recommend
  274. Problems with JBL EON 15p1
  275. A question about mixing software
  276. How are you managing your CDs
  277. has anyone dealt with d plaza store ltd?
  278. help/advice for which mobile DJ equipment to buy (Speakers/ lighting)
  279. Not a good idead for poor guy to learn using turtable???
  280. Tractor Pro + Allen&Heath XONE:4D -- Worth adding a CDJ-400 to my setup?
  281. technics dead?
  282. DJs - there's no need for us anymore :(
  283. District Ignition looking for DJs for Club Muse in DC
  284. Buying equipment for the first time!!!
  285. CD-players for my setup
  286. Confused about CDJ's
  287. Need help setting up sound cards on traktor pro
  288. beginning dj
  289. Winter Holiday DJ Show - Live
  290. Choosing a mixer
  291. I would post in the sticky but it is closed.
  292. hey
  293. Trustable dealers?
  294. Need some help!
  295. New to DJing, need some tips!
  296. Starting off...
  297. Changing the tempo(bpm) of a digital track
  298. Noob question
  299. Where to get the music?
  300. Help choosing the right starter kit
  301. Owners of fake MDR-V700's ? Help
  302. New to the scene...have equipment but is it what i need?
  303. One of my 1200s only plays one channel
  304. Pacemaker
  305. We Love... REMIXED (Free Download)
  306. Low-end Equipment to just get a feel?
  307. is this equipment good for a beginner dj?
  308. I want to be able to DJ better than the lads!
  309. Digital Music Questions
  310. loopy-loop-loop
  311. CDJ 2000 vs Serato / Traktor?
  312. Storrnbringer's - Hard Trance, Dark Room for the 420 contest
  313. moved: Behringer VMX300 power supply's fuse
  314. pioneer cdj-900
  315. headphones?
  316. hey, disckofonk lovers??
  317. Importing turntables?
  318. I have 2000$ and want to start DJing/Producing from a pc.
  319. recording issue on audacity
  321. computer crashed, lost all my loops, help a brother out?
  322. Vocals for a trance track
  323. CDJ 2000 / CDJ 900
  324. Help Please
  325. First equipment Gemini CDM 3600
  326. Traktor Scratch Duo query
  327. Mixed In Key + Native Instruments contest with Kaskade, Pete Tong and others
  328. Adam Shaw Remix Competition with I-DJ Magazine
  329. Advanced mixing-Prolonged buildups
  330. New to the scene
  331. In need of major help. Hah.
  332. The instant Dj toolbox
  333. In need of Advice
  334. We Love... Fresh Blood July winner
  335. About Music.
  336. connecting speakers to korg zero 8 and macbook pro
  337. My headphones have officially died. RIP
  338. suggestions
  339. reducing bass (distortion) from a mix
  340. DJing live on Justin.tv tonight at 8 PM EST
  341. Finding good music is time consuming!
  342. Separating vocals and the instruments?
  343. We Love… search for new DJ talent
  344. one ear monitoring
  345. track volume leveling
  346. Computer not recognizing CD Burner
  347. Beachfront home with recording studio?
  348. Installing studio monitors to PC Problem
  349. Anyone wana help out a noob?
  350. midi on mixer to midi on laptop?
  351. hi im new to all this
  352. Question on speakers for computer
  353. no track names when burned to cd
  354. Software for Recording
  355. music genre for learning how to beatmatch
  356. Ear plugs for my ears
  357. Traktor Duo VS Pro
  358. DI.FM Justin.tv channel?
  359. recording the crowd live
  360. Technics 1210 M3D Problem!
  361. burning music to disc
  362. annoying sound coming from speakers and headphones
  363. New, and an Odd Situation... (help!)
  364. Help! New DJ need help for Vocal editing
  365. what causes poping and crackling from speakers
  366. Feedback on new musical interface / controller [University Project]
  367. Help New Dj I need Some advices
  368. problem with my equipment somewhere
  369. Traktor Scratch Pro + Netbook?
  370. Some Rookie issues
  371. crossfader curve and % increments for beatmatching
  372. Where can find remixes?
  373. Review my mix
  374. Bedroom/home PC DJ set up help
  375. Question about monitoring on my laptop
  376. is the cdj 800 as good as 1000 and does the quality of headphone matter
  377. my speakers are crackling and poping
  378. im very confused can someone help?
  379. wildcat spinning live!!!
  380. Bass is killing my records......
  381. Best software synthesizer?
  382. Drum and Bass...Can You Dig It??!?
  383. Quick Question about CDJ's/MP3's
  384. Hey, check it out
  385. i need scratch samples
  386. what does everybody use mp3 or wav
  387. This seems like the place
  388. Wanted: Guest DJ's for React Podcast
  389. help! bcd3000 not working, connected to Mac/traktor 3
  390. I want to Be a Trance Artist
  391. .flac support for VDJ 5 (Console edition)?
  392. original cds or downloaded ones
  393. Need New Equipment! Need Your Opinion!
  394. Virtual DJ M-Audio Xponent Mapper?
  395. need help
  396. Need YOUR Help naming FREE Beginner DJ resource
  397. The New England DJ Competition by Randy Boyer
  398. Pay rate and job availability
  399. Xone 92 and the DJM 800
  400. whut cartridge???
  401. Simple New DJ - No Mixing or anything. PLEASE HELP
  402. Problems with sound quality when recording a mix
  403. new dj need help
  404. Question: Computer DJing
  405. Were to go next.
  406. would like comments on a trance song.
  407. Mixing on CDJ 1000 vs CDJ 800, help
  408. Stanton DJ PRO 2000 S
  409. Question for those have used Serato, Traktor or the like
  410. Method of Beatmatching
  411. In need of some new speakers for home
  412. DJing at an Art Festival
  413. Just A simple question.
  414. X-Session Pro M-Audio Mixer?
  415. Burnt out pop up light of MK2's
  416. input on this
  418. Beginner DJ products? Books, Videos... Are they worth it?
  419. NYC House dj's
  420. DJ'ing ambient & space music
  421. Beatmatching with headphones!
  422. Searching for a song
  423. New Girl on Town :D
  424. Damn You, Beatmatching
  425. Good DJing sound card for a Macbook...?
  426. Soundcard
  427. Drum & Bass Channel
  428. (constructive?) criticisms?
  429. What does it mean to be a good DJ?
  430. New Dj, looknig for help finding musics
  431. Thinking about DJing
  432. Tips/tricks between songs
  433. Arranging songs on cds
  434. How Do I record to comptuter easiest way?
  435. what happened to dancerecords?
  436. Something Completely Different - Vote Now!
  437. How to combine 2 DJ equipment setups?
  438. Buying dj
  439. BCD 3000 Help
  440. Numark m1usb, any good?
  441. Gemini CDMP-5000 or ProdigyFX
  442. I ned help choosing my gear
  443. House Party, Need Commercial Track Suggestions?
  444. I could use some help, please.
  445. is there a concensus reached...wax or mp3?
  446. Mixing!
  447. I would like to guest DJ
  448. i need an online store with good tribal...
  449. CDJ-200's are they worth it??
  450. Ableton Live & DJing
  451. What to mix ?
  452. Guys check this out !
  453. I would like to introduce myself...
  454. New to djing, i would like some explanation.
  455. DJing for the first time... in front of a huge crowd that is...
  456. need help choosing gear
  457. Music mixing request. Help appreciated!
  458. Keep or sell the CDJ. Getting 1200s...
  459. Party question...
  460. CDJs, Xponent, Which would be better for me?
  461. who's using traktor pro out???
  462. Gear question (nothing specific just gen.)
  463. Got gear'n'mixes...then what?
  464. AKG K181 DJ V's Technics RP-DH1200 REVIEW
  465. Ecler Evo 5 vs. DJM-800
  466. Korg ZERO8 Live Control Mixer
  467. Recording Samples with Audacity on Vista
  468. What DJ gear should I buy?
  469. Respect?????
  470. Anyone ever get the "old mix" syndrome?
  471. hey a little help for a friend?
  472. Want to be a Dj ? ---> Dj Equipment FOR SALE
  473. Assistance with Traktor scratch.
  474. Allen & Heath Release the Xone 22
  475. Does anyone
  476. Using ableton and traktor scratch
  477. Beatmatching
  478. Help with beginnig setup
  479. DJ software in need.
  480. i want to be a dj
  481. DJ name and other stuff
  482. Yep that's right, another DJ equipment thread!
  483. Post Your Setup (2009 Edition)
  484. Online Equipment
  485. Repairing
  486. my first time spinning at friends house party
  487. Good mixer for under $200?
  488. Monitors for house parties?
  489. Total newb to mixing on a laptop. Need some info.
  490. 4 band eq vs 3 band eq
  491. Sound problem - newbie needs help!
  492. Best DJ intro ever
  493. DJDeckstands.com
  494. Buying DJ equipment - New to DJing - Please help a newbie!!
  495. Just thought I'd show yall my Console design...
  496. Some much needed help.
  497. Upgrade path from a BCD3000
  498. Video time
  499. R&b mixing
  500. problem recording