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  1. So DI is pretty much my life
  2. Love question...
  3. am i selfish?
  4. Muscles Building
  5. Exercise Plan
  6. Smoking and drinking
  7. Fish
  8. how can you tell...
  9. Chicks into trance
  10. girls who know they r pretty
  11. Screw press machine.
  12. Playlist for wedding and reception
  13. I know how to be lucky every day
  14. Trance Reaffirmation
  15. playlist for sex
  16. Deliberate insult
  17. is it or is it not love?
  18. Lost Ambition
  19. How to Work With a Long Distance Relationship
  20. Hello there!
  21. A question about greed and personality
  22. Sexual activity
  23. If you have the time to walk a mile, try this on.
  24. People think I have a poor taste in music
  25. i dont know what to do. (girl problems)
  26. i hate my cat
  27. Wanted to Introduce Myself Guys. Also Trance Porn and Sex :)
  28. Need help. I pissed off my boss' wife
  29. dating after college
  30. Get girls?
  31. The bad economy and life
  32. The Manslater!
  33. How to compliment a girl who cannot be complimented
  34. New to the forum
  35. Girls...can you EVER fall for your best guy friend?
  36. I need some advice from strangers......
  37. What are some weird things about you?
  38. Honeymoon Suggestions?
  39. Worst/Lowest thing you have done to a partner?
  40. Relationships can suck sometimes!
  41. 112 year old man marrys 17 year old girl
  42. Disclosing Profession
  43. Rye for my bday
  44. I want a girl that loves dirty trance.
  45. Divorce
  46. i need to figure this out
  47. What to do when
  48. Verbally molested a waitress??
  49. Homewrecking Is Always Bad, But, ......
  50. Building up bad karma like it's my JOB!
  51. Easiest Countries To Have Sex In?
  52. Next time I think about going out with a....
  53. Top 10 most inappropriate places to flirt
  54. Even when i start a good thread it dies!
  55. So I'm now a boy toy?
  56. Post your awkward social moments...
  57. What hurts more than breaking your shin bone into three pieces?
  58. Losing Patience
  59. Sex Tapes...why?
  60. what guys might want but arent to sure about
  61. What Guys DON'T Want
  62. What Women DON'T Want
  63. What do guys want! 8-)
  64. What women want?
  65. We have to put our dog down here soon
  66. Can't believe this happened :(
  67. Love poem I came accross and love "Two Heart"
  68. need some help
  69. hey u, what happen in double dating ?
  70. can a boy and a girl be bestfriends ??
  71. Forgive, or Forget...
  72. what more badly could anyone ask !
  73. Hi. My name is Chris. And I am a chronic masturbator
  74. Two weeks of Isolation, can do anything i want
  75. the one you love most and will never forget
  76. Me and my father
  77. Telonu.com as a job search tool..?
  78. missing the sex life
  79. 2010
  80. i need your help on a possible situation that can turn into a relationship possibly
  81. Our friendship could be deteriorating...help?
  82. OH MY GOD! What Am I Going To Do?!
  83. desissions, desissions, desissions -_-
  84. Lonely Girl....
  85. how do i win this?
  86. Guys! What are my chances honestly?
  87. James Bulger
  88. Don't you just hate....
  89. gift ideas for this valentine's day to save my lover
  90. I feel "blah"
  91. my prince charming
  92. Should I Bring This To An End?
  93. i just don't know anymore...
  94. My husband lied to me- he needs to pay
  95. The true meaning of love -- what does it mean to you?
  96. Why does Happiness elude me?
  97. Is there hope?
  98. Club wear
  99. Need some advice
  100. The girlfriend assumption
  101. Hey, Need some sexy costume advice for halloween!
  102. what is Rastafarianism?
  103. I don't know how to feel anymore
  104. Keys for a happy marriage
  105. Failing at Homework
  106. Failing at social interaction
  107. Awkwardness
  108. being cheated on..
  109. Thunderstorms
  110. I've got something to say!
  111. "Why am I doing this again?"
  112. My best friend is in love with me and I don`t feel the same
  113. Traveling to Greenland?
  114. i caught my dad with my gf
  115. I ruin friendships
  116. Not over ex fiancee 15 months on !
  117. Energy vampires?
  118. Are you having fun with alcohol?
  119. I think i have a big problem
  120. EDM and me
  121. Are gay relationships pointless?
  122. How to proceed with a girl who just broke up...
  123. Their Names
  124. Clubbing San Fran?
  125. T.H.A.N.K, You.
  126. Seriously?
  127. some advice... my 20s are flashing before me!
  128. You can be happy right now, at this very moment
  129. Get help with your personal issues!
  130. I'm a big complainer, and my life reflects it...
  131. Lonely in Norfolk
  132. I need advice on a break up..
  133. Dilemma help!!
  134. Are you superstitious???
  135. Can't See The Signs Because Im A Dummy
  136. what would you do in this situation (work/school)
  137. I'm on the verge of giving up on life, but possibly (with change) a second chance?
  138. How can I let this girl know I like her/ask her out.
  139. having some trouble and need some insight
  140. Dating your co worker (s).
  141. Shaving Q & A
  142. How can I discard the girl that once loved me?
  143. I'm in need of help.
  144. I don't want to live like this anymore...
  145. How to get girl`s confidence
  146. Alone for the holidays
  147. Even when you're expecting it, it still sucks.
  148. *cue Wagner - Ride of the Valkyries
  149. What do you smoke?
  150. Don't You Just Love It When Friends Try To Play Match Maker?
  151. happiness in relationship
  152. So... I'm dating an italian
  153. Always glad to new acquaintances.
  154. Reached the goal, what`s next ?
  155. How can I talk to a new girl in my class?
  156. Guys, do you hear this ever? (Shah, I know you wanna be a part of this)
  157. Are you "The Master of Your Domain"?
  158. .:: THAT IS ME ::.
  159. Gender role-related question
  160. Major History Lineage Issues
  161. Fellas! When Is It Ok To Sit Down And Pee?
  162. How Do You Tell Your Significant Other They're Lucky To Have You?
  163. Anyone have bike suggestions?
  164. I'm back!
  165. What was your weirdest date ever?
  166. Howto ask if there are other guys without offending her?
  167. A night out with the boys? ... well ...
  168. Whats Your Drink?
  169. Red Bull and Vodka NEVER AGAIN!
  170. LTR Troubles [hi everyone!]
  171. i need a trance-loving girl!
  172. Embarrassing Moments In Your Life
  173. best pickup lines
  174. guarenteed to get a girl...
  175. Pick up artists....Manipulators or are they really artists?
  176. Knowing deep down it won't work...
  177. Falling in love with women
  178. Social Advice
  179. Father's Day
  180. Stupid question
  181. Do I keep on pursuing?
  182. To All the Single people...
  183. Respect
  184. Girls W/ Giant Handbags
  185. Memorable days in life
  186. Celibacy
  187. Should I move in?
  188. Who knows that you're on here?
  189. Love Life problem
  190. Some day today...
  191. He loves me...he loves me not
  192. Feeling lost..
  193. Why do Girls do this??
  194. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - Success stories
  195. Need Help with my relationship!
  196. Is she??
  197. Satisfaction gone wrong?
  198. Mom's b-day comin', help!
  199. I don't even know.
  200. Could this be ADD?
  201. How do you buy engagement rings?
  202. Female G spot 'can be detected'
  203. So im gona put myself out there...
  204. I'm about to do something not many people really do...
  205. High heels 'may improve sex life'
  206. 10 steps to being a better S/O ...seriously
  207. U.S college/univ students
  208. Eh, Kind of a strange feeling.
  209. Social Anxiety
  210. Want to go clubbing but can not get myself to go???
  211. Friends birthday
  212. has any one notice this
  213. Help, severely depressed friend
  214. ladies help me
  215. whats yyour type?
  216. Laziness
  217. Shes making my head hurt!
  218. My LDR
  219. Mugged.
  220. Colonoscopy
  221. After cheating, is it ever the same?
  222. Men who Mind F*** Women
  223. Buying a Mobile Phone - Advice Needed!
  224. Christmas Gifts??
  225. hey guys why do i feel so strange
  226. 2 hours of absolute clarity
  227. Lev Yilmaz ... Relationships and more ...
  228. Coping with exam stress
  229. Attraction Explained: Your Social Circle
  230. Speaking of no one liking trance...
  231. Health & Fitness
  232. DJ Kiddquikk (R.I.P.)
  233. Well its her birthday
  234. Getting a Job or studying in Post-secondary institutions
  235. ...
  236. does no one like trance/dance?!
  237. the best man
  238. 1 year anniversary with my g/f!!
  239. Girls who tease
  240. Pannic Attacks
  241. Breaking Up Is Lame
  242. No where else to turn, I need some help.
  243. I'm sooo depressed right now, please help!
  244. This sucks
  245. Musical Tastes and the Effect on a Relationships
  246. Blushing
  247. Are Comp. Sci majors that scary?
  248. Porn
  249. I just don't know? :/
  250. He's back.
  251. Plotting against your relationship...
  252. Rite of Passage
  253. survival guide to teenage angst
  254. Girl issues
  255. Friend's Girlfriend Causing Crisis!
  256. Feeling Crappy
  257. Sorry ive been gone for so long
  258. Hygene
  259. Religion
  260. I'm in love with a stripper
  261. Getting Married!!!
  262. Looking for other opinions on my situation.
  263. How much Freedom should be granted from parents
  264. Fustrated
  265. If we weren't super
  266. My History and Music
  267. 389 days
  268. Lonelyness
  269. I feel left out
  270. Need some opinions here
  271. Goat dream
  272. Jealousy
  273. Another Eh, question.
  274. The Alphabet
  275. I caught my girl in bed with George!
  276. Who's Graduating From High School?
  277. unfulfilled. --
  278. How many listen but don't visit?
  279. Going to my first underground party
  280. How to show thanks?
  281. im freakin out man. sort of
  282. Holidays!! Need Some Help!!!
  283. This is f**ked up.
  284. Ever get really down?
  285. Is there a specific time on commitment??
  286. Favourite Season
  287. What do I do???
  288. Patch 'to boost female sex drive'
  289. Even after everthing, should i still love her? Help.
  290. Anybody have any allergies?
  291. Mothering Sunday
  292. US couples seek separate bedrooms
  293. what if?
  294. Spring Break
  295. Lying in order to pick up
  296. What is your relationship status?
  297. Interracial
  298. logistix needs yall!!!
  299. Something about a Draw well.
  300. yay VALENTINES DAY soon!!
  301. Thank you guys
  302. bad day yo
  303. this girl
  304. Tips for studying for exams
  305. Am I being irrational?
  306. Dillema? Plz Help!
  307. Possibly Cheating?
  308. Bisexual.
  309. R.I.P Bob Bunny
  310. Questions you've been dieing to ask.
  311. When you Give.....
  312. "I don't know what she sees in him..."
  313. Advice: Breakup: How to get her back.
  314. REJECTION.... "Let's just be friends"
  315. I have a story to tell
  316. An Ethical Issue?
  317. Is this a valid reason for a break-up?
  318. Apparently Craigslist Is Trying To Tell Me That The Perfect Girl Doesn't Exist
  319. Little kids having operations ...
  320. Don't know if anyone still remembers me, but...
  321. Unique clothing line
  322. I'm feeling a little sad
  323. Do you ever have a short but sweet relationship ?
  324. Beauty
  325. Things To Ponder
  326. Talking Body Language ...
  327. X-Mas presents
  328. Hello, Greetings, Resume, Background, Personal/CV
  329. This is really, really odd... but nice in a kind of way...
  330. Sorry girls - some blokes are evil - had to do what I had to do!
  331. Surgery
  332. Pick-up lines
  333. Why did it turn out like this....
  334. getting turned down
  335. Help on conversations
  336. what would you do when ...
  337. Whether there is who from Russia or the CIS?
  338. Top 5 Pointers to Have a Successful Date
  339. r der any good girls left
  340. Do you have children?
  341. General turn-offs
  342. People you've known for ages but never really spoken to
  343. To Be Successful In Life
  344. some law advice for a friend
  345. Goodbye warmth and sweetness
  346. Interview Tips
  347. Happiness is not normal?
  348. Some sound advice?
  349. 3 Greatest Life Accomplishments?
  350. Prenuptial agreements
  351. Should your lover be your best friend too?
  352. Best place...
  353. How do you decide who to marry?
  354. Is this a good test?
  355. Very Confused please help
  356. How do YOU wear a scarf?
  357. a year clean and she ****s it up, damn.
  358. Please help my messy head
  359. Why does one succeed, while another fails?
  360. Moral Dilemma
  361. Reality
  362. What Is Love?
  363. Birthday ideas
  364. Turn-offs
  365. Your Perfect Partner Criteria :D
  366. One's role in a relationship
  367. The DI confessional booth is open!
  368. relationships @ work
  369. Time heals all wounds?
  370. Did you ever get 'the sex talk' ?
  371. Ages of Consent
  372. Cheating ??
  373. Need some quick advice...
  374. drunken cheating
  375. When is it enough?
  376. Pain Barriers ....
  377. weird expieriences and phenomena's
  378. Your opinion of...Life?
  379. FReaky DReam
  380. Style of clothing?
  381. How to be successful with women.
  382. The Machiavelli approach
  383. Favorite body parts
  384. Hey ladies.. What worked on you?
  385. Vancouver ppl? Catus Club or Earls
  386. Lost
  387. is it better to ...
  388. Why not just give in to feelings ?
  389. Two relationships?
  390. A woman's point of view?
  391. What should I do?
  392. Can I help someone improve themself...
  393. Messed up
  394. How to start and maintain conversation.
  395. It's over
  396. Post your wedding songs!!
  397. Dominant women, passive men
  398. How long did yours last?
  399. An interesting announcement...
  400. Is this an infatuation?
  401. Flirty moves
  402. Need to tell you something about my life
  403. Saying the right thing at the right time.
  404. Blondes or Non-Blondes?
  405. shouting, yelling and acts of violence!
  406. Does this happen to anyone?
  407. Have you ever been watched?
  408. Drugs Law In Your Country
  409. What is your personal DNA? -personality test
  410. NEW dating rules!?!
  411. results..
  412. Graduation Party
  413. friendships
  414. Embarrasing Question for the ladies
  415. Older women and Younger men
  416. Sleeping
  417. Are You Lonely? Better Check Your Blood Pressure
  418. Perfect date
  419. Sexy Accents
  420. Best/Worst Pick up lines?
  421. girl problems
  422. Help! Sweetie's b-day and no $!
  423. A question for the ladies...
  424. Event Planner
  425. workout plan
  426. Are you a Jealous Lover?
  427. Taking Her to Her First Dance Show
  428. Help!!!!
  429. What to do about a friend who is "whipped"?
  430. Playing Hard to Get?
  431. Stain remover needed!
  432. in love with love.
  433. Polyamory????
  434. how to get friends to hang out with you...
  435. How to get over an ex?
  436. How do you deal with death ?
  437. ex-factor: are some second chances too late?
  438. cheating
  439. Need to get this off my chest.
  440. Women
  441. Relationship advise
  442. LDR's
  443. How to tell if a girl is lying to you?
  444. Dali Lama - Instructions for Life
  445. Dont know what to do?
  446. ..::: Girl Needs Advice ::..
  447. Personality Disorder Test
  448. Heart Broken Girl
  449. Ok so i need help
  450. This is seriously class, lets help him!
  451. The Key to Happiness???
  452. You know you're getting old when...
  453. Girls who "get around"
  454. ...when you start falling for a friend
  455. Celebrity
  456. Tell me about MIAMI clubs and South Beach in June
  457. Women make decisions about men faster
  458. Check this Out
  459. In Love? Been in Love?
  460. How do you keep your friend if she is moving?
  461. Possibly relocating to Nevada
  462. A question for the ladies.
  463. How Long?
  464. Cheating
  465. Nice Guy vs nice guy
  466. Check out this deep blog about LIFE. Please read.
  467. Have you been to a Swingers Club?
  468. Trust
  469. Have you been to a strip club?
  470. Should it matter?
  471. Dating/Marriage outside ones belief system
  472. Interracial Dating/Marriage
  473. What style of music is good for making love to in your relationship???
  474. who do you love
  475. Marriage Age
  476. "Networking" at clubs and raves
  477. Keeping a relationship alive
  478. What do you look for in a partner?
  479. Do looks really matter?