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  1. Supercomputers of the Future [First step: Mira]
  2. Concentration of Ch'i, or Life energy
  3. Help with cracking code
  4. Do you think: Hospital bugs/viruses/hygene
  5. Endogenous retro virus to cause schizophrenia and other ilnesses
  6. Mystery of how cats lap is revealed
  7. nice to hear 40k aac-he tuned better
  8. new 40k aac-he stream blows change back plz
  9. Old before I die
  10. The Blood-Powered Lamp.
  11. Frog tadpoles 'scream' underwater discover scientists
  12. The Science Behind Politics
  13. visible magnetic fields
  14. music is universal
  15. Has Jesus Christ been spotted on Mars?
  16. Why live with what we're born with ... upgrade anyone?
  17. MBBS In Ukraine
  18. Silicon Valley's secret recipe
  19. The world is a hologram!?
  20. run from the cure movie
  21. Humans Glow
  22. Control dramas, manifestation ect
  23. Some either ballsy or stupid old ladies...
  24. Bridging the gap to quantum world
  25. Help With Code-Breaking
  26. RealScoop - A new kind of lie detector
  27. Stem Cell Breakthrough.....
  28. Billy Meier and his take on UFOs
  29. Heart pill to banish bad memories
  30. Reactable - discussion
  31. The Amazing Story Behind the Global Warming Scam
  32. Single cell 'can store memories'
  33. Can a common virus make you fat?
  34. 'Beer goggles' effect explained
  35. Global Warming. Problem solved!
  36. Green and groovy!
  37. Any information on UFO’s !!
  38. 'Unbreakable' encryption unveiled
  39. Facial Recognition Test
  40. Ig Nobel Prize is 'knot funny'
  41. Vote for this Silicon Alley Insider (OT)
  42. CERN Project, Are we going to Die?
  43. Study into near-death experiences
  44. MP3 Player that can stream?
  45. beam me up scotty... real sci-fi stuff
  46. Hadrons Collider End of the world Saturday ?
  47. Cloning - first pets then people?
  48. clouds
  49. Top 10 sci fi inventions that should not be invented
  50. What are we evolving into?
  51. Trust drug may cure social phobia
  52. ideas from dreams... how can that be ?
  53. Survival Research Laboratories
  54. grandfather paradox
  55. The man who grew a finger
  56. Device 'spins silk like spiders'
  57. Making the World A Billion Times Better
  58. Technology I want. ( determined by nature of possibility and design available...)
  59. The Creator and Creation ... as One.
  60. Research in binaural beats and the human potential...
  61. What is beyond "space"
  62. 10 Most Bizzare Scientific Papers
  63. Tattoos may help deliver vaccine
  64. Hypersonic passenger jet designed
  65. New Macbook Air
  66. Ships on legs!
  67. Help me plz
  68. interactive floor..projection from beneath the floor.
  69. 'Darkest ever' material created
  70. Japan opens 'tallest lift tower'
  71. Why are glostix Wrapped in foil?
  72. Santa's best location: Kyrgyzstan
  73. Water as a fuel source
  74. They've almost done it folks!!
  75. Cannabis compound 'halts cancer'
  76. Einstein - was he wrong?
  77. Scientists make nano-tube fibre
  78. Hologram technology revealed
  79. Salt water = fuel
  80. New Communication Technologies
  81. space out
  82. 3D Cell imaging breakthrough
  83. Levitation 'solved'
  84. US Army eyes truck-mounted laser
  85. Cairo toe earliest fake body bit
  86. Nerve gas antidote made by goats
  87. Music players 'in lightning risk'
  88. Grumpy old people 'can't help it'
  89. Fastest evolution seen in butterfly
  90. Superorganism
  91. Tea 'healthier' drink than water
  92. Tummy fat 'can grow new breasts'
  93. Sword made with carbon nanotubes?
  94. Pill to make dieters 'feel full'
  95. science topics explained with words of one syllable
  96. Self Powered Laptop!
  97. Bear robot rescues wounded troops
  98. Oetzi Murdered
  99. 3D Projection
  100. Female Sharks Can Reproduce Alone
  101. >700 new species found in Antarctica
  102. Rare-earth magnet repels sharks
  103. The 12th Planet
  104. Mechanism of death
  105. Solar Power
  106. perception of time
  107. The power behind LucasFilm magic
  108. Laser TV to topple plasma
  109. Resetting immune system might cure diabetes
  110. Recombinant Technology-only Solution To Destroy Diabetes
  111. Convert blood groups
  112. Winning 'triggers fan aggression'
  113. Super colour vision
  114. Swiss dig world's longest tunnel
  115. 248-dimension maths puzzle solved
  116. Teenage mood swing hormone found
  117. Random Numbers.. How are they Programmed?
  118. this is for the people of the sun (who's comin back around again)
  119. Wow my kids would love this ...
  120. Electromagnetic Propulsion
  121. Record power for military laser
  122. did any1 hear about the x hawk?
  123. your skin is awesome
  124. Cheap and simple cure for cancer?
  125. HD-DVD - Looking for a good store in Miami
  126. Chips push through nano-barrier
  127. Woman with perfect memory
  128. An Inconvenient Truth
  129. The Greatest Canadian Inventions
  130. Drinking Coke
  131. World's Deepest Swimming Pool
  132. Levitating frogs and such
  133. Scientists claim 'free energy' problem solved
  134. wow!
  135. Playing with water in at zero gravity
  136. 'Beer goggles' effect explained
  137. Cyborg Bugs
  138. Strong Leonid Meteor Shower Expected This Weekend
  139. Physics promises wire-less power
  140. AIDS fighting AIDS
  141. The Most Advanced Quadraped Robot On Earth
  142. Lexus parallel parks itself!
  143. Ecstasy as a brain booster for Parkinsons?
  144. Any Psychology students on here?
  145. SlugBot - attempt at the world's first fully autonomous robot
  146. Random questions on immunology and related subjects
  147. EDM and the mind/body
  148. Real HOLOGRAM Projection System! (the coolest thing ever)
  149. meteorite found in Kansas
  150. mig 29 - world's most advanced military aircraft
  151. Earth without people
  152. Classified Footage: Moon Landing!!!
  153. Google to acquire YouTube for $1.65 billion
  154. something extrodinary
  155. The Human Camera ...
  156. Helio display, free space imaging
  157. Remains of earliest child discovered in Ethiopia
  158. Gas-turbine engine in a chip
  159. How smart are dolphins?
  160. is this true??
  161. Snapple Fact #27:
  162. Feel better about your mistakes!
  163. Outdoor Motor.. Found in a specific Bacteria..
  164. The Humanzee
  165. The Human Brain "boots up" like a computer
  166. Magnetic anomaly
  167. The Mystery of 6174 ...
  168. Must have this!
  169. What is science?
  170. Freaky Robot
  171. Brain Sensor allows mind control
  172. Best news ever!!!
  173. A world of FREE energy
  174. AOL sucks
  175. A peek into the mind of a genius
  176. Ball Lightning: A Shocking Scientific Mystery
  177. DUCKBILL mask contest
  178. One Laptop per Child (OLPC)
  179. Crazy Carpark!
  180. Mitochondrial DNA
  181. are we living for death? or dying for love?
  182. Insecurity Camera
  183. The future of technology....
  184. Virus trained to make batteries
  185. Speculation on the future of science
  186. Fossil of water --> land transition found
  187. Death?
  188. IQ is associated with brain development during adolescence
  189. The Problem With Hydrogen
  190. Nanotechnology may repair damaged brain
  191. Cyber-insect army
  192. Scientists harvested stem cells from menstrual blood
  193. DNA repair proteins can block HIV reproduction
  194. Anything into Oil
  195. Google Mars
  196. Record Set for Hottest Temperature on Earth: 3.6 Billion Degrees in Lab
  197. Huge crater found in the Sahara desert
  198. links
  199. The future of computer monitors?
  200. New Honda Accord drives itself
  201. Loremo: 157 miles/gallon
  202. is living underwater the new frontier?
  203. SciAm podcast
  204. DNA 'could predict your surname'
  205. "Smart" armor
  206. price of your organs
  207. Global energy quiz
  208. Time
  209. diabetes
  210. Hybrids suck gas (Macleans article)
  211. Mice can Sing, who knew!?
  212. SBC becoming AT&T?
  213. Solution for those polluting internal combustion engines?