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Addict in Training
Mar 1st, 2012 Dec 19th, 2012       UK      
Chronic Commando
Junior Addict
Sep 12th, 2002 Oct 23rd, 2008 Chronic Commando's Avatar   Umm, not much really. Tucson, AZ Cycling, paintball, working out, and doing a crapload of homework. Student  
Chronic Ill
Addict in Training
Jan 6th, 2010 Oct 18th, 2010     29   canada      
Addict in Training
Apr 8th, 2011 Nov 4th, 2011   September 12, 1990 23   USA      
Junior Addict
Nov 19th, 2002 Dec 14th, 2005 chronicflux's Avatar     Atlanta, GA Lacrosse, Cars, Trance, Photograpgy    
Qualified Forum Addict
Jul 27th, 2006 Feb 5th, 2009 ChronicHYPE's Avatar     United States      
Junior Addict
May 29th, 2006 Nov 2nd, 2009 Chronite's Avatar     Virginia      
Regular Forum Addict
Nov 5th, 2004 Jun 19th, 2012 Chrono86's Avatar January 12, 1986 28   Ct, USA      
Junior Addict
Jan 6th, 2003 Nov 12th, 2003       Vancouver, BC      
Junior Addict
Oct 7th, 2005 Jun 3rd, 2013 chronyx's Avatar November 30, 1984 29   Surrey, UK      
Addict in Training
Sep 11th, 2009 Dec 13th, 2009       Germany      
Addict in Training
Feb 27th, 2006 Feb 10th, 2009       Germany      
Junior Addict
Jun 20th, 2007 Aug 28th, 2012       USA      
Junior Addict
Jul 27th, 2006 Sep 19th, 2006       U.S.A      
Regular Forum Addict
Aug 31st, 2006 Apr 10th, 2008 Chryz707's Avatar   Love to travel to party Italy DJing, Parties, and Travelling Admin  
Addict in Training
Aug 10th, 2011 Dec 5th, 2011       United States      
Junior Addict
Aug 9th, 2002 Aug 30th, 2004 chubbfish's Avatar     Toronto, ON, CANADA      
Junior Addict
Aug 10th, 2005 Aug 10th, 2005       belgium      
Chubby D
Junior Addict
Jun 16th, 2003 Jan 16th, 2005     17 years old listening to DI.FM! On mY HighWay To Hell      
Addict in Training
Aug 2nd, 2006 Apr 23rd, 2013       usa      
Addict in Training
Aug 10th, 2002 Jan 8th, 2011     Lived in SE Oregon my whole life. First heard techno in college. The rest is history... Bend, Oregon Storm chasing, movies, fishing, traveling Freelance designer  
Junior Addict
Nov 28th, 2005 Nov 29th, 2006 chueym0n's Avatar     Miami, FL      
Junior Addict
May 20th, 2009 Mar 9th, 2013 chuffedbunny's Avatar     England      
Junior Addict
May 28th, 2003 Sep 27th, 2006     Student, born in 1986 Wabern BE (Switzerland) DJing, Producing, ... Student  
Junior Addict
Nov 2nd, 2004 Apr 24th, 2008 Chumanyrow's Avatar November 29, 1983 30 Brazilian Psy Trance Dj Brazil Art, Painting, Drawing, Psy Trance Living  
Addict in Training
Dec 23rd, 2008 Jan 27th, 2012       Sweden      
Junior Addict
Apr 17th, 2009 Dec 15th, 2010       Australia      
Qualified Forum Addict
Dec 21st, 2005 May 18th, 2007 Chyno's Avatar     In your Dreams      
Junior Addict
Jun 27th, 2008 Nov 3rd, 2008       Canada      
Junior Addict
Dec 16th, 2012 Dec 16th, 2012     39   Germany      
Save the vinyl!
Jul 12th, 2001 N/A Ciacomix's Avatar     Essen/Germany      
Addict in Training
Oct 15th, 2010 May 23rd, 2011   May 6, 1986 27   Lithuania      
DI Extreme Addict
Apr 20th, 2007 Yesterday ciaran_begley's Avatar June 21, 1983 30 Music Music Music Edmonton, Canada Producing & creating fantastic 'get in the mood' mixes Games Artist  
Senior Forum Addict
Aug 10th, 2005 Aug 5th, 2013 Cibo's Avatar August 22, 1984 29 Music addict. Is married to potato chips. Finland sleeping, art, food, books, music Library assistant  
Junior Addict
Jan 13th, 2008 May 16th, 2009 Cica's Avatar     Brazil Eletronic music & all music, sound, noise....    
Addict in Training
Sep 2nd, 2007 Jul 9th, 2011       Terabitya      
Junior Addict
Mar 14th, 2005 Jan 6th, 2010       USA   DJ  
Regular Forum Addict
Apr 14th, 2005 Jan 16th, 2007 Cid_Licious's Avatar June 1, 1959 54 Older than most of you...Better shape than most my age...Not politically correct...Slave to trance... SubStation 4, Alpha Quadrant Excel modeling and thumping to trance Excel Magic Maker  
Regular Forum Addict
Nov 23rd, 2006 Mar 1st, 2010 Cielamara's Avatar June 10, 1986 27 I enjoy being maddeningly mysterious. North Carolina, USA Writer, artist, musician, booklover, dancer. Hockey fan. Whatever happens to appeal to me at the moment. Retail rat and college brat.  
Junior Addict
Oct 14th, 2008 Sep 26th, 2010 cielo's Avatar     Estonia      
Junior Addict
Mar 5th, 2003 May 21st, 2003 Ciggaweed's Avatar     Arizona very few none biotch  
Junior Addict
Nov 26th, 2012 Mar 9th, 2014     Trance addict Leiden, Istanbul   Graphic Designer Trance
Addict in Training
Sep 22nd, 2010 Dec 26th, 2010       Germany      
Junior Addict
Nov 27th, 2001 Aug 8th, 2004 Cilverphox's Avatar     Ann Arbor, MI Mixing, Programming, Disc Golf    
Junior Addict
Sep 10th, 2005 Apr 29th, 2011 cilvre's Avatar     united states      
Junior Addict
Jun 12th, 2007 Oct 10th, 2013     Student of faculty of applied science at university of west bohemia Czech Republic Freeskiing, windsufing, music, bike, programming, science. Student  
Junior Addict
Apr 5th, 2006 Sep 8th, 2010       Malaysia      
Junior Addict
Aug 24th, 2012 Oct 25th, 2012   March 28, 1992 22   Poland      
Junior Addict
Mar 28th, 2004 Oct 24th, 2007       san diego, ca      
Addict in Training
Jan 6th, 2002 Aug 29th, 2006       NJ Computers Student  
Showing results 651 to 700 of 1413

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