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Addict in Training
Sep 14th, 2005 Aug 4th, 2011 camroc's Avatar     UK      
Addict in Training
Sep 25th, 2008 Oct 17th, 2011       ksa      
Addict in Training
Jan 3rd, 2012 Feb 24th, 2014     41   Australia      
Addict in Training
Oct 14th, 2010 Feb 18th, 2012       CA      
Junior Addict
Apr 10th, 2006 Apr 20th, 2006   August 6, 1979 34 i am the fat guy spinning glowies at emerald city in want bombs!lol emerald city in philly U.S.A. i spin fire poi as well as glowies. i do networking  
Junior Addict
Jul 4th, 2013 Aug 2nd, 2013 Canada<3Trance's Avatar   29   Canada      
Junior Addict
Jun 21st, 2005 Sep 20th, 2009   February 15, 1971 43   Canada   PhD student  
Canadian Guy
Junior Addict
Mar 27th, 2003 N/A       CANADA      
canadian sniperfox15
Addict in Training
Jan 4th, 2002 Mar 21st, 2009 canadian sniperfox15's Avatar   go to hell a room in my house that contains a computer in canada eh! house, anime, fps um and counter strike slacker  
Addict in Training
Oct 6th, 2008 Dec 10th, 2008       USA      
Addict in Training
Aug 30th, 2008 Nov 18th, 2008       Belgium      
Qualified Forum Addict
Sep 20th, 2003 Jun 18th, 2004 canDkiddie's Avatar     B-Town, VT   Failure... High School Dejectee  
Qualified Forum Addict
Jul 19th, 2005 Dec 28th, 2005       Calgary, Alberta, Canada      
Qualified Forum Addict
Feb 25th, 2004 Jan 30th, 2005 CandyKisses's Avatar     Cloud9      
Junior Addict
May 13th, 2003 Aug 20th, 2006 candyrollx69's Avatar     Miami, FL      
Junior Addict
May 6th, 2010 Apr 24th, 2011   March 30, 1981 33   Dresden      
Junior Addict
Mar 13th, 2002 Nov 2nd, 2002 candy_R*A*V*E*R's Avatar   I love to rave and listen to DI Vancouver, Canada chicks, raves, clubs and trance, Hard House, and DI! college student  
Junior Addict
Jul 31st, 2009 Aug 3rd, 2010       Sweden      
Qualified Forum Addict
Sep 16th, 2004 Nov 28th, 2007       PSY-BRAZIL      
Addict in Training
Sep 14th, 2005 Aug 30th, 2008       USA      
Junior Addict
May 14th, 2006 Mar 20th, 2014 CaNNoN's Avatar December 8, 1981 32 Chilled Greater Manchester, U.K. Footy, Music, Comps, Chicks. Reprographics  
Qualified Forum Addict
Dec 16th, 2004 Mar 29th, 2005       Toronto, Canada      
Junior Addict
Feb 26th, 2005 N/A caphowdy1160's Avatar     U.S.A.   Fake Cop  
Addict in Training
Oct 13th, 2011 Jan 29th, 2012   January 2, 1982 32   Hamburg      
Junior Addict
Nov 15th, 2005 N/A       France      
Addict in Training
Jan 28th, 2006 Jul 9th, 2006       New Zealand      
Addict in Training
May 1st, 2008 Dec 8th, 2008       USA      
Addict in Training
Mar 15th, 2009 Feb 25th, 2010 capn's Avatar   27 I love trance USA Mechanical engineerings Mechanical engineering  
Junior Addict
Sep 13th, 2004 Oct 13th, 2004 Capo's Avatar     Belgium, Brughes Photoshop, Techno & Hard-Trance, Games, ... Student  
Addict in Training
Sep 7th, 2008 Jan 16th, 2009       Turkey      
Addict in Training
Apr 7th, 2008 Aug 18th, 2008       egypt      
Addict in Training
Jun 1st, 2012 Jan 9th, 2014     30   sweden      
Junior Addict
Dec 24th, 2006 Mar 16th, 2009       Netherlands      
Senior Forum Addict
Oct 19th, 2006 Jul 3rd, 2008 capricorn_2006's Avatar   31 female, going and have been going thru a break up, i have one big beautiful baby boy, and live in the southern state of Tennessee....yee haw... USA used to have hobbies, like clubbing/partying,loved going out with my friends, but now the only love of my life, my son, pretty much consumes me and i dont miss all the good past times i use to enjoy. working for older nosy jealous b****es  
Addict in Training
Feb 1st, 2006 May 27th, 2011       A very small lab      
Captain Fizz
Junior Addict
Aug 18th, 2004 May 4th, 2005 Captain Fizz's Avatar   I love PC's, modding them, partying etc. Scotland (UK) PC Modding / LANing / Outdoor Parties IT Support  
Captain L33T
Junior Addict
Jul 28th, 2001 Mar 31st, 2002 Captain L33T's Avatar   Trance addict San Diego pr0n, snowbaording, anime, DDR, HPLBH bum  
Captain Napalm
Junior Addict
Jan 2nd, 2004 Mar 24th, 2004       DurhamNC Lots Being smart or trying to fake it  
Captain Sky
Junior Addict
Sep 10th, 2005 Mar 13th, 2009 Captain Sky's Avatar March 31, 1984 30 I'm a 21years man who likes techno-transe since I spent 6 months in Australia (Gold Coast,QLD) and now I listen every weeks these so wonderful Musics Bordeaux,FRANCE Music!!! Mountain Bike,Paintball,Airsoft,Martial Arts,Internet,Cinema,Star Wars,etc... International Trade student  
Captain Slug
Junior Addict
Apr 19th, 2004 Dec 18th, 2004 Captain Slug's Avatar     USA      
Captain Tibbs
Junior Addict
Mar 11th, 2006 Oct 17th, 2007 Captain Tibbs's Avatar May 11, 1980 33 see home page Shetland Islands as above Student  
Qualified Forum Addict
Jan 31st, 2005 Apr 6th, 2005 Captain-Hardstyle's Avatar   In the day im just avarage, By Night Im A Hardcore Party Animal. Sum Dodgy Place Trippin Out Music Is my Life, I Would Be nothing Without It I.T administrator  
Addict in Training
Dec 1st, 2010 Feb 8th, 2011       Australia      
Junior Addict
May 29th, 2006 Apr 30th, 2007 Captainee's Avatar     Canada      
Qualified Forum Addict
Apr 10th, 2007 Jun 12th, 2011 CaptainObvious's Avatar July 21, 1990 23   Central Pennsylvania Dance Dance Revolution Student Hardcore
Junior Addict
Dec 13th, 2003 May 29th, 2004 Captain_BOBO's Avatar            
Regular Forum Addict
Apr 19th, 2003 Jul 5th, 2005 Captain_Obvious's Avatar     I am everywhere, I am nowhere, I am the shadow, I am the light.      
Junior Addict
Aug 27th, 2003 May 1st, 2004 CapTintin's Avatar   At home dad Atlanta GA USA History and Trance none :)  
Addict in Training
Nov 23rd, 2004 Jan 11th, 2009 cap_cotonetes's Avatar   er...later... perhaps... City of Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil Music, history, games, porn :),,,everything a nomal single male would be interested for... paid slave  
DI Chronic Addict
May 3rd, 2007 Yesterday Carabus's Avatar     a place called home   cleaning  
Showing results 101 to 150 of 1413

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