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Junior Addict
Jan 15th, 2005 Jul 30th, 2005       Italy      
Junior Addict
Feb 19th, 2009 Jun 12th, 2011 dieterpumpkin's Avatar     Australia      
Qualified Forum Addict
Mar 14th, 2004 Feb 12th, 2009 Diezel's Avatar     New York      
Junior Addict
Oct 18th, 2002 Apr 16th, 2014 DiffEq's Avatar June 3, 1974 39 male philadelphia, usa physics/code/music/games programmer Goa, Chillout, Vocal
Addict in Training
Dec 10th, 2008 Aug 21st, 2010     24   US Trance, Vocal Trance and Music Audio Engineer Vocal Trance
Addict in Training
Jul 23rd, 2009 Jan 2nd, 2011       poland      
Dig Deep PR
Junior Addict
Jun 8th, 2013 Aug 9th, 2013 Dig Deep PR's Avatar July 24, 1984 29 PR company in London London Underground Dance Music PR House
Junior Addict
Aug 5th, 2004 Nov 2nd, 2004 dig3t's Avatar   I'm a heterosexual gun toting bible thumping conservative american, any questions? ^__^ at home in Richardson Tx women, guns, God, money*, free enterprise; satire*, anime, manga, art [mine and others], online comics, talking about polotics, religion, and life. oh and family too. Operations at my Church in Dallas, running my business from home, and going to school full time.  
Junior Addict
Mar 8th, 2005 Nov 28th, 2008 DIGGA 1's Avatar   no words can explain u.s sk8n,games,music,music,music Frammer  
Senior Forum Addict
May 15th, 2003 Jun 11th, 2006 DiggerD21's Avatar     Hamburg, Germany   Student in Social economics  
Addict in Training
Dec 31st, 2003 Jan 18th, 2011              
Junior Addict
May 19th, 2006 Oct 7th, 2012     44   USA Music, guitar, piano, working out, puter gaming Network geek  
Junior Addict
Feb 7th, 2007 Dec 6th, 2012       Florida, USA      
Qualified Forum Addict
Mar 9th, 2004 Apr 13th, 2011     Bloke - 43 UK Music, reading, computers Engineer  
Addict in Training
Feb 2nd, 2005 N/A DIGIDnB's Avatar     Russian Music    
DI Chronic Addict
Aug 21st, 2006 Apr 15th, 2014 digidoh's Avatar April 14, 1982 32   Doh up      
Addict in Training
Aug 20th, 2011 Apr 22nd, 2013       United States      
Junior Addict
Oct 9th, 2001 Nov 5th, 2007       Toronto, Ontario, Canada      
Addict in Training
Feb 17th, 2007 May 19th, 2008       Plymouth, UK      
Addict in Training
Oct 13th, 2011 Jan 1st, 2012   November 13, 1989 24   Greece      
Addict in Training
May 24th, 2009 Aug 28th, 2009       London UK      
Addict in Training
Mar 11th, 2007 Dec 7th, 2011       Russian Federation Music, sports. IT  
Addict in Training
Jul 11th, 2007 Dec 28th, 2008 Digitahl's Avatar     UK      
Premium Member
Apr 17th, 2003 Jun 15th, 2005 Digital's Avatar     Dallas, Tx Computers and Trance! Webmaster  
Digital Aura
Qualified Forum Addict
Nov 11th, 2003 Jan 15th, 2008 Digital Aura's Avatar     Sarnia, Ontario Christian Trance Producer->      
digital haze
Regular Forum Addict
Apr 18th, 2002 Sep 9th, 2012 digital haze's Avatar     oxford OH, miami university      
Digital Imp
Qualified Forum Addict
Aug 26th, 2004 Jun 14th, 2012 Digital Imp's Avatar     Manchester, UK      
Digital Insomnia
Regular Forum Addict
Jun 10th, 2005 Jun 3rd, 2009 Digital Insomnia's Avatar February 11 USA DJing, Racing, dancing, tennis, movies, video games, photography Bartender  
Digital life
Addict in Training
Jul 31st, 2005 Nov 20th, 2010 Digital life's Avatar     England      
Digital Mind
Junior Addict
Sep 22nd, 2003 Mar 12th, 2004 Digital Mind's Avatar   electonica since 1970 Maryland skiing, saabs, electronics retired military!  
Digital Society
Regular Forum Addict
Jan 18th, 2010 Apr 12th, 2014 Digital Society's Avatar     England   DJ & Promoter Trance & Progressive
Addict in Training
Mar 15th, 2008 Mar 16th, 2008       United Kingdom      
Qualified Forum Addict
Jul 1st, 2003 Dec 9th, 2010 DigitalAssassin's Avatar     Alberta, Canada Computers, Chess, Puzzles Student  
Addict in Training
Jun 24th, 2010 Sep 25th, 2012 digitalattack's Avatar     Netherlands      
Junior Addict
Mar 26th, 2011 Jan 3rd, 2014 Digitalbest's Avatar     United States of America      
Regular Forum Addict
Mar 19th, 2011 Mar 27th, 2014 DigitalBoy's Avatar May 15, 1987 26   Poland      
Addict in Training
Oct 4th, 2006 Sep 13th, 2008 digitalbrunette's Avatar July 1, 1983 30   Canada photography, trance    
Junior Addict
Mar 1st, 2006 Feb 8th, 2009       UK      
Addict in Training
Dec 7th, 2007 Feb 26th, 2011       USA      
Junior Addict
Apr 29th, 2005 Apr 10th, 2009 DigitalDigits's Avatar     The Kingdom of Denmark!!!      
Junior Addict
Dec 21st, 2002 Apr 11th, 2004       Asia      
Junior Addict
Jan 21st, 2010 Jun 4th, 2010   July 9, 1986 27   Leeds      
Junior Addict
Mar 31st, 2004 N/A digitaldream's Avatar   My name is Kala. Bay Area, California hardcore retarded student  
Regular Forum Addict
Apr 2nd, 2004 N/A digitaldumpster's Avatar     Great Britain      
Addict in Training
Feb 8th, 2007 Jun 21st, 2008       Australia      
Junior Addict
Oct 3rd, 2009 Feb 16th, 2012       Chicago      
Junior Addict
Dec 23rd, 2010 Feb 2nd, 2014   February 1, 1960 54   United Kingdom      
Junior Addict
Sep 24th, 2009 Oct 24th, 2009 digitalflex's Avatar     Houston, TX      
Addict in Training
Nov 5th, 2005 Mar 2nd, 2009       México      
Junior Addict
Dec 26th, 2005 May 12th, 2010       Bulgaria      
Showing results 1051 to 1100 of 3369

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