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Addict in Training
Jan 28th, 2007 Jul 16th, 2008 freerick's Avatar   30 I'm a web developer from San Diego, CA. I specialize in PHP development, and I ran a web hosting company for a couple of years. I live near SDSU in a huge house with a bunch of cool roommates. I also like to go to raves and parties. United States Internet, programming, blogging, hanging out, techno, trance, music, raves, parties, myspace, flickr,, etc Web Developer  
Junior Addict
Jul 12th, 2002 Jul 17th, 2002 Freeseus's Avatar     Winterland, USA      
Junior Addict
Aug 26th, 2008 Apr 10th, 2011       Romania      
Addict in Training
Jul 12th, 2008 Apr 17th, 2009       america      
Qualified Forum Addict
Aug 5th, 2010 Sep 13th, 2011 FreeWay's Avatar   27 DJ and student Bosnia and Herzegovina DJ no job Trance/Progressive
Addict in Training
Jan 30th, 2009 Nov 16th, 2010       Canada      
Junior Addict
Aug 6th, 2007 Oct 15th, 2012       canada      
Addict in Training
Nov 17th, 2012 Aug 8th, 2013       Slovenija      
Frega jr
Junior Addict
Dec 4th, 2009 Mar 12th, 2010 Frega jr's Avatar     Denmark      
Regular Forum Addict
Nov 20th, 2009 Feb 8th, 2013 Fregazoid's Avatar     Denmark      
Junior Addict
Feb 27th, 2008 Dec 24th, 2013     29   Latvia      
Freima Labs
Junior Addict
Dec 5th, 2012 Apr 23rd, 2013 Freima Labs's Avatar     Portugal      
Addict in Training
Mar 7th, 2010 Dec 2nd, 2010   April 4, 1956 58   Sweden      
Addict in Training
Mar 25th, 2008 Aug 11th, 2012     26   Czech Republic Football, Electronic music, Games Student  
Qualified Forum Addict
Aug 9th, 2011 Sep 11th, 2012 FrenchVTaddict's Avatar   33   France      
Junior Addict
Jul 27th, 2001 N/A Frenky's Avatar   Absolutely Open-Minded... Positive and charming The Netherlands Martial arts, socialize, new experiences, reading Sales representative, university student Traditional Chinese Medicine  
Junior Addict
Nov 20th, 2009 Nov 23rd, 2009       U.S      
DI Extreme Addict
Feb 15th, 2003 Aug 15th, 2009 FrenziedTrancer's Avatar   birth date : 02-apr-1980 /// living in this 'no-trance-land' since that day, ... and fell in the world of trance in nov 93. <<raving for + than 10 years now>> Montpellier (France in need of more trance!) trance hard trance psy-trance progressive trance hard house & the best of the best <<<oldskool 'classic' trance>>> waking up on the morning, then, raving ... ravin' ... ravin' ... --< 20h00 / 2pm NY time >-- listening to DI .... ravin' ... ravin' ... and going to bed in trance ... till next morning ;D  
Junior Addict
Sep 20th, 2002 Aug 11th, 2003 frenzy's Avatar   I love music Israel Music, RC racing    
Addict in Training
Jun 23rd, 2008 Dec 8th, 2008       Poland      
Junior Addict
May 17th, 2007 May 17th, 2007 freque's Avatar     USA spinning, dancing, tech  
Junior Addict
Aug 29th, 2003 Sep 13th, 2003 Frequency's Avatar     Tampere, Finland      
Junior Addict
Nov 24th, 2007 Jun 1st, 2011 frequenzmensch's Avatar     Germany      
Addict in Training
May 8th, 2006 Dec 12th, 2011       UK      
Junior Addict
Mar 18th, 2004 Oct 21st, 2004     Raver big-style, Christian too. Guiness drinker Swansea, South Wales, UK Raving, Christianity, Guiness drinking, listening to hardcore as much as possible (Supposed to be a) student  
Addict in Training
Oct 30th, 2012 Feb 13th, 2013   June 3, 1932 81   Russia      
Friday 13th
Addict in Training
May 24th, 2010 Sep 6th, 2013     29   Slovenia   online investor Progressive-Trance
Junior Addict
May 25th, 2003 Jan 18th, 2005 Fridge's Avatar     Switzerland DJ    
fried slice
Junior Addict
Feb 17th, 2004 Aug 16th, 2005              
Friend of Rotterdam
Junior Addict
Mar 11th, 2007 Apr 7th, 2007 Friend of Rotterdam's Avatar October 30, 1970 43 Techno since 1985 Germany happy people ... DJ  
Friend of Y'shua
Junior Addict
Apr 17th, 2005 Jan 23rd, 2006 Friend of Y'shua's Avatar     Milw. USA      
Junior Addict
Oct 20th, 2011 Jul 17th, 2012 friendnfriendz's Avatar October 16, 1986 27   Pakistan Muzic & work   Trance, Chillout, Vocal T
Junior Addict
Jul 6th, 2004 Dec 4th, 2009       Paris France      
DI Chronic Addict
Sep 28th, 2007 Apr 13th, 2014 frifox's Avatar     USA      
Junior Addict
Jul 16th, 2002 Sep 18th, 2004       UCF Orlando   full-time student  
Addict in Training
Nov 29th, 2008 May 26th, 2009       Belgie      
Addict in Training
Feb 20th, 2010 Oct 9th, 2012   October 19, 1986 27   Denmark      
Junior Addict
Dec 12th, 2002 N/A Fritz's Avatar     Russia      
Addict in Training
Feb 15th, 2006 Nov 14th, 2006 FritzFox's Avatar February 22, 1975 39   Denver, CO      
Junior Addict
Apr 9th, 2003 Sep 7th, 2009       Frankfurt am Main, Germany      
Junior Addict
Jan 23rd, 2004 Mar 17th, 2010 frogand's Avatar     where BIG BROTHER is always watching      
Junior Addict
Sep 29th, 2002 Nov 19th, 2002     Not much to say Calgary, Canada Parties Sell things  
Addict in Training
Oct 11th, 2005 Jul 9th, 2012   August 15, 1989 24   USA      
Senior Forum Addict
Feb 6th, 2005 Jul 26th, 2013 froggy's Avatar     Houston, TX      
Junior Addict
Oct 11th, 2005 Oct 5th, 2006       England      
Addict in Training
Feb 4th, 2010 Jan 25th, 2011 FromRU's Avatar June 6, 1983 30   Russia      
Regular Forum Addict
Feb 29th, 2008 Oct 15th, 2009 fromtheflames's Avatar   Xeri's wife Indiana, USA Photography, Graphic Design Designer  
Addict in Training
Feb 17th, 2012 Mar 15th, 2014     39   United Kingdom      
Junior Addict
Jun 1st, 2003 May 9th, 2007       Twin Cities   Sound Guy  
Regular Forum Addict
Jun 23rd, 2003 Dec 22nd, 2011 frostdude1's Avatar     Windsor, Canada      
Showing results 651 to 700 of 828

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