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Trance minister
Junior Addict
Sep 7th, 2003 Jul 1st, 2004       My house...      
Junior Addict
Feb 17th, 2005 Feb 15th, 2009       BRASIL      
Trance Nelson
Junior Addict
Oct 25th, 2003 Nov 22nd, 2003 Trance Nelson's Avatar       DJing & Scratching/ Bass Guitar/Wakeboarding/Skating/ Uni Student/ part time DJ  
Trance Psyndicate
Junior Addict
Mar 5th, 2006 Aug 15th, 2006       USA      
Trance Receiver
Addict in Training
Jan 23rd, 2010 Dec 17th, 2011       Germany KA      
Trance Sanctuary
Addict in Training
Dec 1st, 2010 Feb 23rd, 2011 Trance Sanctuary's Avatar     England      
Trance so 80r1n6
Qualified Forum Addict
Mar 21st, 2004 Apr 17th, 2010     Jay recommended this site for free internet trance M'sia      
TraNce Spotter
Junior Addict
Sep 8th, 2003 Dec 24th, 2003       Memphis, TN Music mewzik, and uh MuZiC! Professional Raver Child  
Trance Superfan
Junior Addict
Aug 27th, 2005 Feb 10th, 2006     I love trance till I die England football, computer games    
trancE tunes
Junior Addict
Feb 2nd, 2003 Feb 3rd, 2010 trancE tunes's Avatar     New Jersey, USA      
Trance UNited Projec
Qualified Forum Addict
Apr 7th, 2008 Oct 1st, 2009 Trance UNited Projec's Avatar   26   Romania      
Qualified Forum Addict
Dec 26th, 2001 May 26th, 2003 trance()boi's Avatar     Texas full time student  
Junior Addict
Nov 28th, 2008 Sep 9th, 2010 TRaNCe*EuPHoRiA's Avatar February 26, 1990 24 I`m 19 years old, black hair, brown eyes haha.. MY WHOLE life since I was 11 is TRANCE MUSIC.. I can`t live without it, really :) BULGARIA Listen to Trance music /and drum`n`bass/, DJing, producing /but I have to learn it first :) / Photoshop, Footbag, Hip-Hop dancing, going to parties and going out with friends :) still poor Student :) haha  
DI Extreme Addict
Apr 14th, 2006 Oct 1st, 2010 Trance-Aholic's Avatar   25   In a Trance Working on computers, listening to EDM, and lots of other stuff. Computer techie in training  
Addict in Training
Jan 5th, 2012 Oct 15th, 2013       the Netherlands      
Addict in Training
Nov 17th, 2008 May 10th, 2009 Trance-Chris-83's Avatar   30   Melle (Germany)      
Junior Addict
May 16th, 2006 N/A       Fairfax, USA      
Junior Addict
Jun 11th, 2005 Jul 8th, 2007       USA      
Junior Addict
Jul 28th, 2009 Jun 21st, 2012 Trance-elite's Avatar     On the target     Trance
Junior Addict
Apr 15th, 2004 Jul 8th, 2008 trance-nrgey's Avatar   15 trance land, bc, canada biking, trance, parties student/trance addict/biker  
Junior Addict
Jul 11th, 2009 Sep 8th, 2009 Trance-oholic's Avatar     Silent Hill      
DI Extreme Addict
Aug 6th, 2003 Jun 21st, 2012 Trance-Raider's Avatar     Antwerp-Belgium, Earth Listening to trance :d student  
Junior Addict
Oct 28th, 2010 Apr 21st, 2011 Trance-Siberian's Avatar     Russia      
Qualified Forum Addict
Jun 26th, 2008 Aug 21st, 2008 Trance-sk's Avatar     Slowakia, Slovensko      
Qualified Forum Addict
Jul 29th, 2008 Nov 30th, 2011       Estonia      
Junior Addict
Mar 10th, 2005 Sep 3rd, 2007 trance2trance's Avatar   trance maniac new jersey usa lol what else over the pc  
Junior Addict
Aug 12th, 2013 Feb 24th, 2014   June 6, 1986 27   France      
Addict in Training
Jan 1st, 2013 Sep 27th, 2013 Trance365's Avatar     Earth      
Addict in Training
Jul 22nd, 2006 May 24th, 2011       Canada Music    
Junior Addict
Sep 7th, 2003 Aug 27th, 2010       Jax, FL      
Qualified Forum Addict
May 22nd, 2004 Jan 4th, 2010 trance4e's Avatar March 23, 1981 33   Italy biology, nature, vocal trance biologist  
Junior Addict
Oct 23rd, 2006 Nov 7th, 2007       Australia      
Cooking Up A Mix
Sep 15th, 2006 Apr 15th, 2014 trance4ever's Avatar September 25, 2005 8 Believe me, you don't want to know :) in the arms of an angel Trance, Photography, Hypnosis & Yoga Accountant Trance,Prog,Hard,Psy
Junior Addict
Aug 8th, 2002 Oct 9th, 2004     I love trance, building and working with computers, and girls. Calgary, Alberta, Canada Trance, Commercial Aviation, Flight Simulation, Computers, Building Computers Highschool Student  
Regular Forum Addict
Feb 5th, 2010 Jul 30th, 2010   February 16, 1986 28   US      
Qualified Forum Addict
Apr 26th, 2003 N/A              
DI Addict, Sonic Fanatic
Nov 15th, 2005 Mar 1st, 2014 Trance88's Avatar September 21, 1988 25 I've been a huge fan of Electronic dance music since 2003 and Sonic the Hedgehog fanatic since 1995! I have an Associates degree in music and I hope to some day get a career in the audio production field. Grand Rapids MI, USA Recording, radio brodcasting, vintage audio and video equipment, collecting old and new vinyl, collecting Sonic the Hedgehog comic books, and listening to Trance music as much as possible!!! Factory Worker Trance
Junior Addict
Sep 29th, 2002 N/A TrAnCeAdDICt02's Avatar     Mississauga,On,Canada Trance,Hockey,Trance,Trance    
Addict in Training
Jul 13th, 2008 Jun 11th, 2009       United States      
Regular Forum Addict
Nov 15th, 2007 Aug 19th, 2013 tranceaddict21's Avatar   28   Wisconsin      
Qualified Forum Addict
Jan 3rd, 2008 Aug 29th, 2013       United States NYC      
Senior Forum Addict
Dec 20th, 2004 Apr 17th, 2008 tranceaddict78's Avatar     Miami, FL      
DI Extreme Addict
Sep 6th, 2002 Mar 3rd, 2009 Tranceaddict87's Avatar   17, male, white caucasion not of hispanic origin :) Grand Rapids Michigan DJ'ing, hockey, crew, friends, technology, ya know that normal stuff... Student  
Junior Addict
Jul 14th, 2005 Sep 22nd, 2011 TraNceAddiCt99's Avatar January 28, 1982 32   Turkey      
Qualified Forum Addict
Sep 14th, 2005 Sep 16th, 2007 TranceAddictZ's Avatar     Mein      
Junior Addict
Oct 22nd, 2004 Aug 26th, 2006 TRANCEADDICT_33's Avatar     Canada      
Regular Forum Addict
May 25th, 2003 N/A              
Qualified Forum Addict
Jun 9th, 2006 Oct 31st, 2006 tranceaholic79's Avatar   My name is Neo... aka Mr. Anderson Reprogramming the Matrix. Running, flying, kung-fu, killing agents etc. Saving Zion  
Addict in Training
Jun 14th, 2007 Jul 25th, 2008       Germany music commercial clerk  
Junior Addict
Feb 17th, 2005 May 25th, 2006       italy very trancelover bank  
Showing results 24301 to 24350 of 27073

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