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Addict in Training
Aug 8th, 2001 Apr 25th, 2002              
Phil Dinner
Junior Addict
Feb 9th, 2002 Apr 4th, 2014 Phil Dinner's Avatar   I produce my own music.If you want to listen: Germany computer,sports,movie,music teacher  
Phil Morse
Junior Addict
Apr 9th, 2010 Oct 28th, 2010   January 20 DJ, writer, web marketer Spain DJ    
Phil Parry
Junior Addict
Nov 24th, 2009 Mar 13th, 2014 Phil Parry's Avatar     United Kingdom      
Phil rr
Regular Forum Addict
Mar 13th, 2004 Aug 26th, 2009 Phil rr's Avatar     Hampshire, UK clubbing and other stuff    
Addict in Training
Jul 1st, 2010 Jul 10th, 2012   September 30   England      
Addict in Training
May 13th, 2005 May 26th, 2011       UK      
Addict in Training
Dec 3rd, 2006 Mar 17th, 2011       Germany      
Junior Addict
Dec 21st, 2005 Jul 21st, 2008 philefluxx's Avatar     U.S.      
Junior Addict
Feb 4th, 2002 Mar 21st, 2002 philez2000's Avatar     S. California      
Addict in Training
Oct 6th, 2008 Jun 6th, 2009     Plse read my bio on my artist page USA music music and dating :)    
Regular Forum Addict
Aug 3rd, 2001 Aug 6th, 2002 philinkc's Avatar   I don't want to act my age: 53 yrs. young, fit and into Trance Kansas City, Missouri USA Men's health issues, weight lifting, running, Trance & New Age music Consultant  
Junior Addict
May 31st, 2006 Jan 31st, 2007 PhilipDevolve's Avatar   31 im the man, what more do you need to know? Florida music Loan Officer/DJ  
100% Pure Melodic Trance
Jun 6th, 2005 Nov 11th, 2008 philippe@DI's Avatar     Pasadena, CA      
Junior Addict
Dec 14th, 2008 Aug 8th, 2010       Scotland      
Addict in Training
Jan 16th, 2008 Oct 7th, 2008       Sweden      
Junior Addict
Nov 5th, 2008 Oct 19th, 2011       Denmark      
Addict in Training
Jan 5th, 2007 Jul 30th, 2008 Philltunez's Avatar     Germany      
Junior Addict
Aug 14th, 2007 Nov 15th, 2013       USA      
Regular Forum Addict
Sep 26th, 2003 Apr 6th, 2013 PhillyGuy's Avatar     Philadelphia, PA      
Junior Addict
Oct 1st, 2003 Dec 4th, 2003 PhillyMark's Avatar   Infected Mushroom rules Philadelphia, PA- USA      
Junior Addict
Aug 15th, 2004 Feb 21st, 2009       Surrey B.C Canada      
Addict in Training
Feb 11th, 2011 Sep 8th, 2011       UK      
Junior Addict
Mar 23rd, 2005 Jul 6th, 2007 PhiloEd's Avatar     USA      
Addict in Training
Apr 7th, 2011 Jul 29th, 2011   March 12, 1977 37   US      
Addict in Training
Sep 6th, 2007 Sep 7th, 2007       Canada   Programmer  
Junior Addict
Dec 13th, 2004 May 12th, 2005     A breathing male U.S. of A. - Raleigh Art, Reading, Biking, Hicking, Adventures Office Manager/Artist  
Junior Addict
Sep 6th, 2008 Sep 11th, 2009 Phil_666's Avatar February 3, 1995 19   Leipzig, Saxonia, Germany play drums, kill virtual monsters Student Drum 'n' Bass
DI Critical Mass
Nov 24th, 2005 Jun 4th, 2011 PhineasFreak's Avatar   I like mornings. Dancing with wolves Producing EDM, Surfing let them rule themselves...  
Addict in Training
Oct 9th, 2008 Apr 30th, 2010       germany      
Junior Addict
Feb 9th, 2002 Feb 5th, 2003       Overland Park, KS Racquetball, soccer, philosophy, movies, clubbing Student  
Junior Addict
Aug 28th, 2004 Mar 10th, 2006 PhiX's Avatar     Kingston, ON, Canada      
Junior Addict
May 28th, 2012 Feb 5th, 2013       california      
Addict in Training
Sep 29th, 2008 Oct 14th, 2009       USA      
Junior Addict
Apr 29th, 2003 Jun 19th, 2012 phlite_kontrol's Avatar     Flagstaff, AZ      
Addict in Training
Jul 30th, 2006 Jan 23rd, 2012 phllp's Avatar March 27, 1990 24 The one and only. In.Trance.We.Trust.Brazil     Trance!
Junior Addict
Aug 23rd, 2006 Jun 30th, 2007 Phlubb€'s Avatar     Belgica      
Junior Addict
Dec 16th, 2006 Mar 31st, 2010 phluke9's Avatar     Canada      
Junior Addict
Dec 23rd, 2004 Mar 29th, 2007       Colorado, USA      
Addict in Training
Nov 10th, 2008 N/A       UK      
Junior Addict
Sep 29th, 2003 N/A       Finland Martial Arts Software Team Leader  
Phobos Gekko
Addict in Training
Jul 19th, 2006 Dec 30th, 2006 Phobos Gekko's Avatar     Australia      
Junior Addict
Aug 15th, 2002 Sep 22nd, 2003 phoboskitty's Avatar   Sex, Drugs and Trance!!!...and other stuff...I think? Toronto, Ontario, Canada Parties, computer networks, fiction, Pubbing, and fun of all kinds I.T.  
Junior Addict
Jul 15th, 2001 Feb 4th, 2004     Trance Fanatic Rochester, NY   Doc  
phoenix ceid
Junior Addict
Nov 25th, 2008 May 14th, 2009       greece      
Addict in Training
Mar 7th, 2008 Jan 15th, 2011       Russia, Krasnodar region      
Junior Addict
Nov 5th, 2004 Sep 13th, 2007 phoenix56's Avatar     Hungary DJ    
Qualified Forum Addict
Nov 10th, 2006 Sep 20th, 2013 phoenixha's Avatar     USA      
Phonokol Records
Junior Addict
Dec 23rd, 2008 Apr 7th, 2010 Phonokol Records's Avatar     ISRAEL      
Addict in Training
Mar 15th, 2006 Oct 13th, 2010       Malaysia      
Showing results 451 to 500 of 1269

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