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Junior Addict
Apr 13th, 2002 Apr 12th, 2005 X-ACTO's Avatar     Oeiras, Portugal / Virginia, USA DJing, Sk8, Computers    
Qualified Forum Addict
Nov 24th, 2005 Oct 9th, 2007 X-BlueRaven's Avatar     USA, California Photoshop,Trance    
Addict in Training
Jan 31st, 2005 Aug 8th, 2010       Netherlands      
Junior Addict
Aug 2nd, 2006 Aug 5th, 2006       USA      
Junior Addict
Dec 13th, 2007 Jun 9th, 2010       switzerland      
Junior Addict
Jun 27th, 2011 Mar 20th, 2014   August 22, 1988 25 addict to music, gamer Croatia TRANCE desk admin XD UPLIFTING!
Addict in Training
Oct 14th, 2003 Jul 13th, 2013     Hardcore euro/nrg/dance music addict, ummm msg me if you really want to know more! Toronto Racing (Solo1), clubbing, enjoying life :) IT.  
Junior Addict
Oct 15th, 2002 Dec 4th, 2004 X-Flame's Avatar     Westminster, Cali Trance student  
Junior Addict
Jun 28th, 2005 Dec 17th, 2006   December 17, 1983 30 Too much to list US everything Intel Intern  
Junior Addict
Jul 17th, 2003 Aug 16th, 2013       Lublin / Poland trance student  
Junior Addict
Mar 16th, 2010 Oct 23rd, 2011   June 14 Neither Chatty Nor Shy, Simply Easygoing Mexico Love Listening To Tribe Beats And Play Soccer University Student, Qro. Mexico Tribal House,Vocal Trance
x-ray ted
Senior Forum Addict
Jul 26th, 2001 N/A x-ray ted's Avatar   ********* Dirty Souf xrayted@dj ********* DJ  
Addict in Training
Apr 26th, 2010 Jul 17th, 2013     29   Netherlands      
DI Extreme Addict
May 1st, 2002 Jan 10th, 2011 X-Trance's Avatar July 25, 1988 25 An EXTREME trance addict!!! New York NY Listening to trance, hot girls, surfing the net, looking at anime stuff (pics, comics, videos), and playing video games. Student  
Junior Addict
Mar 30th, 2005 Apr 19th, 2008       Brooklyn, NY      
Feb 4th, 2004 Apr 4th, 2014 x.static's Avatar May 24 Electronica Lover Extraordinaire lotsa stuff Software Engineer Minimal/Detroit
x0 piNk kiSs
Junior Addict
Jul 11th, 2003 Jun 22nd, 2004 x0 piNk kiSs's Avatar   brazilian.. punkrock.. i absolutely love english accents (come to think of it.. english boys) newyorkcity music, soccer, fencing, tennis.. traveling student  
Qualified Forum Addict
Mar 16th, 2004 Jul 2nd, 2007 X0563511's Avatar     USA      
Addict in Training
Dec 16th, 2003 Oct 11th, 2012       Bavaria, Germany      
Addict in Training
Apr 30th, 2006 Sep 10th, 2008       India      
Addict in Training
Dec 7th, 2009 Oct 18th, 2013     25   Seattle      
Addict in Training
Sep 20th, 2009 Dec 17th, 2009       Netherlands      
Addict in Training
Jan 11th, 2010 Jun 11th, 2010 X1LoN's Avatar   22   Lithuania      
Junior Addict
Dec 2nd, 2005 Feb 19th, 2007     22   Poland      
Junior Addict
Dec 6th, 2002 May 12th, 2007     born in Romania, educated at SUNY Bing, working in Manhattan NYC um hard one .. trance, trance + biking, snowboarding, tech stuff software engineer  
Addict in Training
May 13th, 2007 Feb 7th, 2012 x3medj's Avatar   42   Italy GIRLZ, INTERNET & MY PC! NET & Technician PC  
Addict in Training
Sep 28th, 2008 Nov 5th, 2009       Jordan      
Addict in Training
Nov 27th, 2010 Oct 6th, 2012       Romania      
Junior Addict
Apr 30th, 2005 Feb 18th, 2011 x3voodoo's Avatar   29 House, Trancer, Bucharest, Romania Music, Creation of Music Student  
Addict in Training
May 16th, 2009 Jul 26th, 2010       UK      
Junior Addict
Apr 23rd, 2004 Jun 26th, 2006 X5S's Avatar     Lake Elsinore, CA, U.S.A Modding games, mixing Gibson Tech Ed  
Addict in Training
Dec 19th, 2012 Feb 27th, 2014   January 26, 1984 30   Romania      
Addict in Training
Mar 31st, 2008 Jan 8th, 2009       Latvia      
Addict in Training
Apr 9th, 2006 Mar 14th, 2011     GoaPsy!!! Escondido CA      
Junior Addict
Dec 11th, 2007 Jul 11th, 2011       USA      
Addict in Training
Jan 26th, 2010 Oct 11th, 2010   May 12, 1991 22   Australia      
Junior Addict
Jul 8th, 2009 Dec 30th, 2009       United Kingdom      
Addict in Training
Mar 15th, 2006 Sep 8th, 2009       United Kingdom      
Addict in Training
Mar 3rd, 2009 Mar 10th, 2013       Denmark      
Regular Forum Addict
Jan 9th, 2007 Aug 8th, 2013 xaicoatl's Avatar May 25, 1983 30 Im from Mexico and I love Electronic Music all styles Mexico Musica Music & Music DJ  
Junior Addict
Jun 3rd, 2004 Jun 26th, 2004 xalabam's Avatar   26, spanish, i lived a few years on UK and right now, i live in Lille, small and cute "village" on the north of France Jumping around Europe Read, i love read, i could not live without a book, music ofcourse, travel, and....i guess that i like mixes all those things :))    
Addict in Training
Feb 3rd, 2007 Apr 10th, 2010       Canada      
Junior Addict
May 19th, 2005 Apr 3rd, 2006     I love euro, eurodance, trance, and vocal trance Chicago, USA love music work at best buy  
Junior Addict
Sep 7th, 2001 Jun 14th, 2002              
Regular Forum Addict
Jan 15th, 2004 May 8th, 2005 Xanda's Avatar   Student/DJ/Producer England DJing Clubbing / Producing Music Production Student  
Junior Addict
Jul 21st, 2005 Mar 10th, 2009 Xandax's Avatar December 6, 1976 37   Denmark   Programmer  
Qualified Forum Addict
Aug 11th, 2002 Mar 4th, 2004 xander's Avatar     Minnesota, USA      
Qualified Forum Addict
Jan 24th, 2008 Apr 25th, 2013 XanderII's Avatar   I love trance. I work out to it. I Spin it. I do everything with it. A day without trance, is like a day without oxygen!! So hit me up and lets reminisce on the good old days! US I like running. I like girls. And I like to just vibe out an let the hair on the back of my neck go up when I hear some SICK NASTY CHOONAGE!! 404's make my SOUL! Chillin? Learning at University?  
Junior Addict
Apr 17th, 2007 Nov 10th, 2011 xanderjames's Avatar   31 DJ/Producer; IT admin USA WoW, Trance, Techno, Golf and Tennis IT administrator  
Addict in Training
Oct 23rd, 2008 Aug 20th, 2009       istanbul      
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