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Feb 16th, 2006 until Dec 30th, 2029
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* Do not discuss recording of the streams or mp3 filesharing - Digitally Imported ( is a fully licensed radio station and, as such, is required to discourage ripping and filesharing.

* References that support or promote illegal activities are not acceptable on this forum.

* Although this is a multi-national community, you should make your posts in English

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* NO ALL CAPS MESSAGES (turn the caps lock off before you type anything).

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* If you see a post that violates any of these rules, please report it to our moderators using the "Report Bad Post" link. Do not play the role of a moderator if you are not one. There is no need to nitpick on the posts of new users. Let the moderators do their work.

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* Spamming other radio stations - A big NO-NO

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Users who willfully violate the forum rules will be banned by the moderators and administrators. Permanently.


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These forum rules are not meant as a comprehensive legal document, but are a guideline for acceptable conduct. It is not a substitute for common sense or respect for others - should you lack either of these, your account will be subject to termination.
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